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You will not forget these hotel rooms

marzo 4, 2021

The panic room

Panic room

This room is located in Marseille, France. The room was designed and built by the graffiti artist Tilt, the room was designed at the request of the hotel in which it is located, it was a project guided by the hotel but the graffiti artist had free rein to paint and draw whatever he wanted.

What he did in the room was to paint and graffiti it, turning it into a kind of canvas room, combining many paintings that he divided into two different parts, drawing one in different colours and the other with different shapes and drawings.

The most curious thing about the room is that only half of it is decorated, this was the decision of the graffiti artist Tilt who wanted to make people see how there are two extremes and that you can be in the zone of rest and peace, which in this case is on the left side of the room, which is not graffitied. The area on the right is a simulation of chaos and at one point people have to struggle to get to the area where there is no drawing and no painting, which is the zone of tranquillity.

The miners’ room

miners´ room

This fantastic room is in a hotel in Sweden. This hotel is not a hotel that goes unnoticed from the others as it is located in a former coal mine. In this area of Sweden one of the great attractions that many tourists come to this area is to enjoy what a mine is like.

The old mine is a mine that was active from the 14th century until 1908, in the town of Västmanland. But now, 100 years after the mine was closed for mining, it has been converted into a beautiful hotel. Another feature of this hotel is that events and concerts can also be organised inside the hotel, giving a beautiful view of the landscape. In 2008, more precisely in March, the Crown Princess of Sweden visited the mine and left her signature on one of the walls, previously her father had done the same. 

The room inside the sea

Underwater room

Can you imagine? Going to sleep in a room that is like a bubble and where you can see the fish and all the aquatic animals around you without being wet, in the Nautilius room in the Fiji Islands the sea animals will be your neighbours.

At the poseidon resort you will get to sleep next to the fish, you will spend your holiday literally under the sea, all thanks to the special facilities that have been made to allow you to sleep under the sea, they are sufficiently conditioned and you will get to rest with the aquatic animals. The Poseidon complex, named after the Greek god of water, has a total of 25 underwater suites. If you don’t want to pay the high price, you can also stay on land in one of the bungalows next to the beach.

If after imagining what it’s like to sleep underwater you feel a sense of anguish and don’t like the idea at all, it’s important to know that the underwater rooms have a safety system that allows them to rise if there is an accident and immediately bring you to the surface.  So if there is a small chance of the room filling up with water, don’t worry, you will rise to the surface immediately. Also the rooms are placed in different modules and if there is a problem in a room that is not yours you will still be in the room without realising it because the one with the problem will rise to the surface without you realising it.

Rock Bottom

Madonna Inn

This room is located in Madonna Inn, more precisely in San Luis Obispo California. This hotel you may possibly get to know because it is a landmark hotel in California. It has a total of 110 rooms available for people who want to spend the night there.

The most curious room they have in the hotel is number 143, stay with this number because the room is magnificent, it simulates a cave of the underground prehistory, with all the decorations that it has will make you feel as if you were living in billions of years ago, also its cave shape does not penetrate the heat and it is a perfect room to get rid of the terrifying heat that there is in California.

The room as I said before has many details that make you really find yourself in a room of prehistoric times, one of the techniques that was used to deepen the style of many years ago, was to erode the bathroom and shower, thus achieving an ancient and very nostalgic air, also combined erosion with elements of rock and rock. Even if you find yourself in a Neanderthal cave, don’t worry because you won’t sleep like a Neanderthal, the bed you will sleep on has a very good quality mattress and the size is nothing less than King size.

The Gilde Lounge Suite

The Gilde Lounge Suite

The room and hotel that if you are a fashion lover you must visit sometime in your life. The hotel is located in Champs Eliseos, exactly in Paris, France.

This large mansion converted into a hotel is located in the centre of Paris, in the golden triangle. The hotel has been converted into a boutique at the same time. It was designed by Martin Margiela and combines at the same time contemporary luxury lines with theatrical elements that together end up forming an environment that will make you relax and that you will see is quite subtle.

The first floors are a luxury boutique and the third and fourth floors were reserved to make a total of 17 hotel rooms, these rooms are incredible and were also designed by Maison Martin Margiela.

The blue room or Vous

The blue room or Vous

This room has a lot of attention to detail and colour. The room is located in San Luis Obispo, California. It is the room number 169, it is adorned by a blue vaulted ceiling, the colour of the ceiling is also the same as the decoration in the room and you will be able to see in your stay. It has an antique touch which is given by the large chandelier which is the only thing that is not made with blue, as it has floral tones.

This room is the only one in the whole hotel that has a round king size bed. The bathroom is no slouch either, as the walls are made of blue tiles reminiscent of a French style. Even the shower gel and shampoo is blue. For all these details this room had to be on our list of the most amazing rooms in the world.

Sleeping in an igloo

Ice hotel room

In this article we can see a different room with very different changes, we have previously seen a room that is under the sea, now we will see a hotel room that is an igloo. This hotel is located in Lapland, Finland.

The hotel rooms are separated from each other and are located in the wilderness of Lapland. The rooms are inspired by nature and the spirit of the country, the Lappish spirit.

One of the things you may be wondering is that if they are in the wilderness, how can you get there? You can walk to the village where you will find restaurants and all kinds of services in the resort.

Another concern you may have is the cold, especially if you are a cold person, so it’s good to know that each igloo/room has a sauna and fireplace.

Apart from the fact that you won’t get cold inside the room, you will have a magnificent view of the sky and one of the most beautiful experiences a human being can have, seeing the Northern Lights. Apart from the heating, the sauna and the fireplace are perfectly equipped with a good bathroom and double beds.

The room in the middle of nowhere

Kenya room

This room will allow you to sleep with nature, it is far away from many things where you will find more population, but the room is made for that, to enjoy the nature and the landscapes alone or with your companion. The room of this hotel is located in Laikipa, Kenya. The location is Loisaba Wilderness.

In this hotel you will be able to see nature in its wildest possible state, and with it observe its flora and fauna while you wake up in the morning, a spectacular sensation. All this is achieved thanks to the fact that the rooms are located in the middle of nowhere. If you dare, you will live a unique experience worth telling about.

Moments you will never forget are offered to you in the room of the Loisaba Wilderness Hotel. A place that is extraordinarily beautiful with lots of wildlife and even though it is in the middle of nowhere, the room is very well appointed and comfortable.

Whether you want to go on safari in the African savannah or enjoy nature in its purest form, the Loisaba room is the right choice for your trip and will make it a very special one.

The Ice Room

ice room, Canada

The room we are going to see next is literally made of ice, it is located in Quebec, Canada and the name of the hotel is like the room, it is called the ice suite.

As we have said before, it is made entirely of snow and ice, the walls of this kind of igloo are up to 3 metres high and the ceilings are 5 metres. The walls are filled with works of art. The rooms are also decorated, and are made with the same expertise and care as the ice. The Hotel de Glace has several extraordinary rooms, also themed suites, two exhibition halls, a large and luxurious lobby, a cinema, a chapel for prayer… As soon as you enter the hotel you will realise how luxurious and beautiful it is, the reception is full of precious details and consists of a 100% wooden hut. One of the things we haven’t mentioned but which is amazing is the ice bar, sponsored by the Absolut vodka brand.

The Hotel de Glace, with a total surface area of 3,000m2, is one of the largest and most ambitious projects ever undertaken in North America. It was a mind-bogglingly large project because 11,000 tons of snow and 350 tons of ice were used to build the Hotel de Glace.

The hotel takes about 5 weeks to build and melts after 5 weeks or so.

One of the best suites

Alpina hotel room

This is the only room with this style and panorama in the whole world. The room or rather house is located at The Alpina Gstaad, Switzerland. The duplex measures 400m2 and has three separate rooms on two floors, when you stay in this room you will enjoy the magnificent views of the French Alps. All three rooms have views, and are connected to each other in a gigantic living room which is adorned with a large fireplace in the centre.

The Alpine residence is extremely elegant and luxurious, and only a small audience can afford to spend a few nights there. Apart from having a nice main living room, there is also a magnificent terrace for the warmer days, so that you can enjoy the sound of nature and the view in all its splendour. On the other hand, we also have a kitchen that can be hidden in case we are not going to use it. The kitchen is only there in case we want to cook something, having the privacy of not leaving our suite. 

Incredible rooms at Nostalia

V8 hotel room

This hotel is located in Stuttgart, Germany. The hotel is located in the centre of the old airport in the hotel v8.

It is a hotel that is completely restored, we can see that it is a hotel with a modern style, but it does not leave aside the classic things. The passion of the hotel is cars. We can see how much of the decoration is oriented on old cars.

In the hotel there are cars everywhere and there are many styles and types of cars. We can find classic cars, modern cars, legendary pieces, sports cars, exclusive or special cars. All this variety of cars makes car lovers visit this hotel because of the great variety of cars they have. Many of the parts can be found in the room itself, the bed can be half of a car that has been reconditioned to make a bed.

The room in the tree

Room in the tree

This hotel room is high up in the air and has a tree trunk as its foundation. The rooms have been built by a couple who decided to fulfil their dream and build rooms in trees and then market them.

Thanks to their idea people can now enjoy and be in touch with the fantastic nature in Fall city, Washington. The different rooms are decorated in different ways, each room has its own name, such as the nest, the upper pond, Bonbibi and the Burl. All rooms are separated from each other so you can fully enjoy the nature.

Presidential Suite Cala di Volpe, Italy

Hotel room Cala

This grand suite in Italy is reminiscent of ancient Italy, decorated in a very sophisticated manner with artistic porticoes, floors, arches and staircases made of juniper wood. The decor of the room has been inspired by the village where the hotel is located, in a traditional fishing style reminiscent of the hard-working fishermen who once lived in the village. We can say that it is one of the most glamorous getaways in the whole Mediterranean

If we put together all the attractions that the hotel has with a total of 100 rooms with sea views, the perfect old Mediterranean decoration, and the 21 suites that are in the hotel, we get the image that the hotel is a sophistication in all rules.

4 Sensations Hotel (New York)

4 season room

This hotel had to be on our list, it is the highest hotel in New York, it is a large luxurious hotel located in the centre of New York, in the hotel we have beautiful panoramic views of Central Park, there are other rooms that only see the centre of New York, and the best of all you can see both.

The hotel is located just off Park Avenue. If you choose to stay in this fantastic luxury hotel you will enjoy the best views and the best facilities you can find in New York, the bathrooms are handmade, and are usually all marble.

James Bond in your room

Seven hotel room

The Seven Hotel is located in Paris, France. This hotel is located in the heart of the Latin Quarter in Paris, it has 7 suites that are fully equipped with every luxury detail.

The suites in the hotel are simply spectacular, you can see how the decoration is very elaborate, and it offers you a unique and above all very elegant environment. You will be immersed in a world full of charm and which has been designed with great attention to detail. The key word in these rooms is perfection and details.

The hidden beach room

Hidden beach room

This luxurious room is located in Playa Escondida, Mexico. The hotel room is on a hidden beach, as the name suggests. The beach where the hotel is located is uninhabited, small and very, very hidden. The beach, as you can imagine, is only a short distance from the hotel. In the Marietas Islands there is no other hotel around, so it is a perfect place to visit the Marietas Islands. The Marietas Islands are a sanctuary for many birds including colonies of blue-footed boobies. It is a marine sanctuary with waters teeming with fish and all kinds of marine life.

One of the most striking things for visitors is that to get to the beach you have to swim through a tunnel. Finally, I can tell you that Hidden Beach is one of the best destinations in the Bay of Flags.

Junior Penthouse in New York

Hotel room

The penthouse where this room is located has rooms overlooking the Hudson River and Highline. The hotel has two junior suites where you can enjoy these great views. Apart from the beautiful views you can enjoy the nice decoration of the room. The floors are parquet of very good quality, both suites are equipped with Kings beds. The bathrooms are remote controlled. Apart from the bathrooms and the bed the rooms are also equipped with a 68 inch TV and a large sofa.

Bulgari Room

Bulgari hotel room

In Bali Country, you will find one of the most beautiful hotels and rooms in the world, a luxury superior to many other rooms, a great advantage of the Bulgari hotel is that there are different types of rooms and the style of accommodation you are going to have. Speaking of the architecture of the hotel, it is located 500 metres from a major cliff.

Another feature of the hotel that attracts a lot of attention is that there is a chapel where many weddings are held throughout the year.

The hotel has five types of rooms that you can choose from depending on your needs and the money you want to spend.

Even if you want the cheapest option you should know that each room has its own private infinity pool and tropical garden, plus all rooms have world-renowned designer beds and a comfortable sofa so you can relax and get ready to see Bali, go surfing, motorbike riding, or whatever else you can think of.

Apart from the hotel, Bulgari also owns 5 mansions that are very close to the hotel and serve the same purpose as the hotel. The houses are 2-bedroom to 5-bedroom, and can accommodate up to 12 people.

Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

Mandarin hotel room

This hotel in Hong Kong is very famous, Forbes magazine ranked it in its top list of the best hotels because it really is. The hotel has a total of 25 floors, and has two types of rooms depending on the decor you want to choose.

The more western style rooms are called Veranda, and then we have the more Asian style, Taipan. The two types of rooms provide the same comfort, it has magnificent beds of great size where you can rest in a very comfortable way, after the comfort we pass to the functionality, the bathroom and the room itself is the latest generation, and then the view, if you stay on the highest floors you can enjoy the main tourist attractions of the city just from your room.

Among the things that the experts highlight the most are the windows from the rooms. The large windows give us a wide view of almost the whole city depending on the room. But this detail of the large windows is one of the best things that this hotel has, the view of the important points of the city lying down from the bed is priceless.

Pedregal Resort, Mexico

Pedregal hotel room

In Cabo de San Lucas we can find this magnificent resort, this resort is one of the most sought after by tourists looking for luxury with a good location for sightseeing. As soon as you enter the hotel, you are already being offered an unparalleled experience.

To enter the accommodation you have to go through a dark tunnel with torches that light the way, a real experience. This fact, even if it is only on arrival, gives the client or visitor to the hotel the feeling that it is a special place. The resort has a total of 115 rooms that are built directly on the rocky mountain, which lives up to the name of the resort. The advantage of the rooms being on the wall of the mountain is that they have a good view of the ocean.

The truth is that this resort with 115 rooms is one of the best options you can choose if you want to visit Mexico. All rooms offer private balconies with plunge pools. Best of all, as I said before, are the views, from your private balcony you can enjoy the big waves crashing against the rocky beach.

Ritz-Carlton, New York

 Ritz-Carlton hotel room

One of New York’s most coveted locations, it is one of the most sought after hotels in the entire city, and this is due to its large and luxurious rooms and facilities.

Originally the hotel was called the St. Moritz Hotel. But due to a change of ownership the name was changed, and the truth is that it did not disappoint the clients who usually go to the hotel.

The Ritz Hotel is rated as one of the most luxurious and elegant accommodations you can find in the city. The views from the rooms are very glamorous, we can see Central Park, and the rest of the skyscrapers and residences that surround it. The Emery Roth building has 34 floors, and a total of 252 rooms. In these 252 rooms we include 47 suites and a majestic lobby where conferences and meetings are held, this lobby is also decorated in a very beautiful and eye-catching way with works of art very well known all over the world.

If you want to see the best views of the city, the Avenue View suites, this room overlooks Manhattan. Then there are the Premier Park View rooms, these rooms overlook Central Park. These large and luxurious rooms allow the guest to enjoy the views of the city that never sleeps.

Alpina Gstaad

Alpina Gstaad hotel room

The Alpina Gstaad is an impressive ski season hotel. The hotel is open from the beginning of December until mid-March, and again from the beginning of June until September. All tourists love this hotel and that is why it is one of the most coveted hotels for them, they run out of rooms in a very short time.

This seasonal hotel has all the advantages and comforts you can imagine, if you are a traveller you will have plenty of space to rest after your day of sightseeing or skiing.

The Alpina Hotel has a total of 56 rooms, all of which are decorated in a style reminiscent of the alpine tradition, they are wrapped in pine which gives a bright contemporary style and reminds us of the alpine tradition. In addition to this the rooms have leather desks, window benches that allow you to enjoy views of the snowy landscape in winter and bright sunny summer, antique Swiss cabinets and crystal bedside lamps designed to resemble cow bells. All this kind of decoration and details remind us of the alpine atmosphere and tradition.

Peninsula Manila, Philippines

Manila hotel room

This hotel is located in the Philippines in the peninsula, it is a very luxurious hotel, a 5 star hotel, it is a hotel that is very useful for business, it is also very well known for that. Apart from its luxurious decorations, when you see it from the outside it is impressive, there are two huge towers that attract a lot of attention.

The views from the top floors are also impressive. Although all the rooms are impressive, the suites that are the most sought after are the Grand Deluxe and Premier suites. Apart from their large size the suites are sought after because of the stunning garden views and all the amenities they offer.  As I said before, the location of the hotel is in the heart of the financial district of the city, which is an advantage for the hotel because it accommodates many people who go to the Philippines to do business.

It is also a good hotel for people who want to get to know the city, as it is right in the centre. On the internet you can see that there are also people who like gastronomy and tourism in the hotel and they choose this hotel because of its luxury.