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We see movement in static images, an optical illusion that sweeps the network

abril 22, 2020

The human being is an intelligent animal, but that does not mean that we do not have limitations or that we are able to perceive reality as it is. Every day we give our brain a lot of work asking it to interpret some things that our senses are unable to grasp. We are not aware of our own limitations because our brain is capable of making an association of concepts, as happens for example when we watch television.

Optical illusions remind us of our own limitations, as we saw last week with the mysterious objects that looked real on a table. As we explained, optical illusions occur through connection by connecting the two hemispheres of the brain, thanks to that connection, we have the ability to perceive all things around us.

Although we know that this is so, and it is something that we came to study in school, to this day we are still surprised that certain images are capable of deceiving our brain, something that continues to be the subject of study for great researchers.

In the video that you can see below, we are shown several optical illusions that consist of creating movement through two superimposed images. As one of the images glides over the other, our brain interprets a movement that does not exist in reality. It is so curious that even a cat, who sneaks into the video, is curious. Do not miss it!