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Types of wooden shutters

abril 20, 2020

Wooden shutters are one of the many options for this type of closure. Without them life would be very different, since they are a very effective way of regulating the entry of light throughout the year. Thus, when it comes to finding the one that best suits you, we must know the different types so as not to be mistaken.

Kinds of wooden shutter

There are numerous types of blinds, which offer you different characteristics. However, they all fulfill the same function: to regulate the entrance of light in the simplest possible way. In addition, wood is the protagonist in this type of blinds, since it is a durable, resistant material that offers great versatility when making these elements.

Now, surely you are looking for new blinds and do not know which type to choose, something that is quite understandable. Given the abundance of options, nothing better than knowing the main exponents that the market offers you. But take into account your particular needs before buying.

Wooden rollers

Rolling shutters are the most common type. You can find them in different rural settings, but they are opening a gap in cities too. Its main advantage is that they offer a complete closure, thus preventing the passage of light. Its closing system is done by rolling the slats that make up the blind, allowing you to control the height at which you want to have it. Without a doubt, a great addition to any home.

Wooden shutters «alicantinas»

This wooden shutters are distinguished by the great functionality they offer. Not only do they serve to prevent the passage of light, but they protect a window against the effects of bad weather, rain and wind. They resemble the reels, but they reach longer lengths. Furthermore, they are highly decorative and easily recognizable.

They are manufactured in different types of wood, something that allows these blinds to be given one characteristic or another. It all depends on the wood used. If you are looking for resistance to the elements and beauty, do not hesitate to opt for ones made of Ceylon wood. They will not disappoint you.


They are similar to blinds, although these are also roller blinds. The main advantage they have is that they are made to measure, which gives them versatility that is hard to beat. No matter the type of window you are looking to cover, with this type of blind you will get it at a very good price and without a cumbersome installation.


They are also known as vertical blinds, which refers to their type of closure. They are common in offices and in many homes. Unlike the types mentioned so far, these blinds open from the bottom up. They are very easy to install and the wooden slats can be painted in almost any color, which adds some very interesting decorative capabilities.

They are a type of blind of great interest, which smoothly regulates the amount of light that enters and is very easy to install. In addition, handling it is also very simple, since its mechanism has a rope to ascend or descend the body of the blind. If you are looking for functionality and resistance, this is the blind that you must install in your business or home.

Advantages of blinds

Now that you have discovered the types of wooden blind that you can find, it is not surprising that you know the advantages that these offer you. Thus, when choosing between them and their competitors, you can decide with a minimum of information that will be very useful to you.

To begin with, blinds are an element that enhances security. Its existence forms a barrier against assault attempts through a window. The prospective thief will have to force the blind or destroy it in order to enter, which is enough to deter most of them. These individuals take cover in stealth to guarantee their success, so they won’t dare force a blind.

Privacy is one of the aspects that blinds guarantee. Enjoying your home to the fullest is something you cannot ignore. After all, it is the place to rest and relax without any external discomfort. The blinds will avoid prying eyes just by closing them, although leaving them in the middle of their length will be more than enough to carry out your home activities with total privacy.In short, wooden blinds offer us a series of benefits that you cannot miss. In addition, you have already seen the number of types you have at your fingertips. From wooden roller shutters to venetian blinds, each offers attractive features. Do not let them pass!