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Tricks to kick out a tenant who does not pay

agosto 15, 2021

Is your tenant not paying you? Currently, we are in an era in which delinquent tenants and occupiers are the order of the day. Therefore, if you are a homeowner, you should know a series of tricks to evict a tenant who does not pay.

How to evict a tenant who does not pay?

Rent is one of the first causes of eviction in Spain, so there are different ways to evict a delinquent tenant, although there is no miraculous trick to evict them, since you will surely have to follow the legal channels.

Claim through a burofax

At the moment that the person you have rented does not pay you, you will have to carry out a debt claim. It is important that this is done as soon as possible. Said claim must be made by reliable means, in this case a burofax, where the receipt and content must appear.

Try to talk to the tenant

Sometimes talking is successful, without the need to file an eviction order. Therefore, he tries to dialogue with the defaulter in search of a solution that is attractive to both parties.

It should be noted that once the request is made, the renter will have 30 days to leave the house of their own free will. In this period of time is when both parties will be able to negotiate. Normally, what is required of the tenant is to sign a document, in which he assumes the debt, and then he must deliver the keys to the house. If no agreement is reached, the corresponding claim must be processed.

Demand for eviction

When there is no other alternative, you must resort to the eviction lawsuit for non-payment of rent. Once you have reached this point, it is important to go to a lawyer to guide you through the process, as it can become a tedious situation.

tenant in the house

How long does it take to evict a tenant who does not pay?

Once the lawsuit has been filed, the judge will dictate what the landlord must not do, such as that he will not be able to change the lock or enter the house, since the tenant would be entitled to file a complaint for coercion or breaking and entering.

Therefore, the only thing to do is wait. And, is that this process is usually long, since it can take between five and eight months.

The alternative

Surely in recent weeks you have heard about «Desokupa», since it is a company that has been offering express eviction services for a few years, managing in most cases to evict the occupiers or delinquent tenants in less than a week. This has made them one of the pioneering companies nationwide.

Therefore, another trick to evict a tenant who does not pay is to go to «Desokupa«, since they will advise you and take care of the entire process.