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This restaurant took a fridge to the street and everyone should follow suit

septiembre 11, 2019

The amount of food that is wasted specifically can be really insulting considering restaurants and supermarkets. In Spain alone, 21,000 tons of food are destroyed every day. Many people from private homes, but another lot of shops that throw away food they don’t sell.

Minu Pauline, a woman who owns a restaurant in India, one day found a woman without resources looking for food in a container in front of her restaurant. She was searching through the food she had had to throw away because it was not sold. It was there when he had trouble facilitating things and storing all that food inside a refrigerator that remained in the street.



There are no hours or rest days, the fridge is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The fridge protects food from infections and makes the lives of many a little easier. According to the owner, only she leaves around 80 daily rations, but also the fridge is receiving many donations.

For Minu Pauline, this is not just a gesture of solidarity, but a fair fact, since he considers that the resources that were being thrown away were from society in general. «The money is yours but the resources belong to society,» he explains. «That is the message I want to send. If you are wasting money, it is yours, but you are also wasting society’s resources. Do not waste them, and do not waste food,» he concludes.



That is why Pauline is grateful for anonymous donations, but suggests that mostly food is left over and not purchased specifically for that. Since in reality you can help many people if we all put our grain of sand to stop wasting everyone’s resources.

In order for department stores and restaurant chains to also follow these types of initiatives, it is essential that governments establish certain regulatory laws. Although the road has begun and some countries are taking some measures, there is still a long way to go.




Fuente: boredpanda