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The top 10 treehouses

marzo 11, 2021

It is very likely that you, the person reading this, have thought about how cool it must be to have a tree house, or even if you have been lucky enough to have been in one. If you have been in one you will know what it feels like to be a few feet off the ground, with your privacy and your space away and hidden from people.

The main function of treehouse

The way treehouses are built is not only an environmentally friendly way to have a house, but they are also a way of building houses that are low impact on the surface on which they are built. It is a magical way of building a house that also protects the vegetation and forests. 

There are companies that you can find on the internet that will build you a tree house if you feel like it, many of these companies do free sketches, just send them a photo of a tree and they will make you a free sketch of what your supposed house would look like. The main function of these companies when building the house is to unite the houses and the forest into one so that the environment of being in nature is not broken.


The role of an architect in the construction of houses is a difficult role to fulfil, for the house to be 100% safe and to be able to live inside it, a rigorous and detailed work has to be done.

In this article we will show you the different types of houses that we can find in trees, as they have to be classified by types and varieties due to the fact that we cannot innovate much in their structure, because we depend on the tree as a support. We will also tell you which are the most likely to meet our objectives so that they are houses that create a natural space and at the same time maintain an evo transpiration in the climate that is most suitable for each house.

If the houses that you will see below make you curious and one of your dreams is to find and have a house of this type, contact as soon as possible with a company in your city that is dedicated to making tree houses because you may be surprised that they are not as expensive as you may be thinking.

It is also important to know that tree houses are not always made with nature in mind, so it is important that if you are going to build one you contact a company whose values include creating a house with nature, not about nature.

If you live in the United States, be very careful with some companies because what happens is that they create houses on wooden stilts and they say that it is a tree house. These types of houses do not act in harmony with nature and what happens is that they end up polluting the space of nature, housing.

Then also another problem that can be found is that there are many houses that would be exactly the same on the ground and in a tree, and there is lost the grace of making a tree house if in the end it is like having a house on the ground.

In the following compilation of houses we will evaluate the conditions that make them more desirable and also sustainable with the forest environment and that are integrated into the landscape.

1. Houses that seek to have the minimum impact

Round treehouse

This type of houses are houses that seek not to affect the widow cycle of the forest, what they do is to minimize the effect of water loss when it rains, not to block the sunlight that feeds the vegetation under the house and also to minimize stopping the air currents that pass through the forest.

The curious thing about this house is that it is a room, and this is so as not to intervene and disturb the three points we mentioned before, the sun, the water and the wind currents. 

The round shape of this house is also made on purpose as you can imagine, the house is round so that the water and wind flows and does not stop suddenly, an example that is very well seen is when it rains, the rain flows through the round structure and ends up again on the ground without disturbing the feeding cycle of the plants. This house is one of the most environmentally friendly. This particular one was created by the architect, Tom Chudleigh.


2. House with the structure of trees. 

The house below is called 4TreeHouse and is designed by Lukasz Kos.

The house is based on the structure of the trees that have been chosen by the architect, the trees in this example are the structure of the trees. The problem with making a house with trees as the structure is that the structure will not last more than 50 years, it is very difficult for this to happen because in this period of time the trees cannot grow and it is difficult for them to survive more years.


3. The house that has been built with trees instead of in trees

This house that we can see below is a house that has been built by the University of Boston, more specifically MIT.

The house uses the modification that trees can undergo to produce a structure that will enclose the house in the future. It is a careful and extremely slow process, this is because modifying the structure of the trees is difficult and, as you can imagine, very slow.

One of the great advantages of this type of house is that they are quite cheap to build and can last for many years. One of the disadvantages of these houses apart from being slow to build is that they are houses that are not elevated on the ground, but at least they are made from a tree. The structure of these houses and the idea of modifying the branches to make a structure of a house is given by what certain branches do in the vegetation, they adapt and take the shape they find as they grow.

4  House like the birds (although they do it better)

Treehouse by Takashi Hobayashi

The house below is designed by Takashi Hobayashi, it is a house that you might imagine is inspired by the nests of the birds that form in the structures of the trees.

This design is very practical and boasts that it can be adapted to almost any surface and type of structure (tree), one of the greatest resources in the world and that often works is to copy what has gone well and so you will have great chances that you also go well, because that is what the architect has done with this style of houses, has been inspired by the birds, and as you can see has not gone anything wrong.

5. What material should we choose and what are the advantages of each one?

The material we choose for our house is extremely important, not only has to do with the visual impact it will have in the forest and from the air, we also have to think that the material will be in contact with different types of trees and this will be a very important point to know what type of material we want to choose for our house.

Depending on the material we choose to build our house, we will build different types of relationships with trees. Do we have to imagine that trees are humans, and that you always try to get along with humans?


Well with trees you have to do the same, if you don’t get along with the tree the tree can die and what will happen is that you will lose the house because the tree has died, think that the tree is your foundation and you want to keep it as stable and firm as possible. 

There is a type of structure that is built in the ground and then transported by a helicopter to the treetops, this allows scientists to study the canopy of the largest trees.

Another point we want to touch on is that there are houses built in trees and then trees that build houses. The house we see below is made by ArborSmith Studios and is a design that has been made with ArborSmith Studios, this studio is dedicated to build furniture and houses with vegetation, they do everything as ecofriendly as possible.

If you want to build a huge house, if not gigantic, steel and concrete will be what you need, the example of Joel Sherman is a very good example, the house you see below was built by him, and it could only be achieved with the materials that Joel has used.

Huge treehouse

The materials that are more modern tend to be lighter and more adaptable than the more traditional ones, so if you want to build a house that needs a tree insert it is almost more advisable to use modern than traditional wood.

The main advantages of these materials is that they are not materials which rot very quickly, also their maintenance is less, at the same time it is a cheaper material and it moulds more easily than the traditional ones.

Wood is the most used material in tree houses, the main advantage of wood is that it is the same material as the tree, and the tree likes this very much because it does not interfere with its growth.

6.  Size matters

The following images are ordered by size, the construction of a tree house has something very important and that is the size, the size of the trees and the size of the house we want to build will be one of the most important conditions that will be carried out in the construction of the house.  The size will influence the construction and also the environmental impact.

7. Be subtle

Subtlety will help us to ensure that our house does not influence too much the natural flows of the vegetation where we are building or have built our house. The most important point to be subtle and not to disturb the environment is to build a house with as few elements as possible and that it is made of the lightest materials we can find.

8.  The house that has been a protest against people who do not value the environment.

In one of the forests where we can find the oldest and tallest trees in the world we find a house built between three trees. And why is this? Well the house is built by Andrew Maynard, he built it and designed it to protest against companies and governments that were cutting down the oldest and tallest trees in the world. It is a unique ecosystem and Andrew wants to protect it and that is why he decided to build a house there.


9. Looking at nature

This point we could say that for the person who is going to be in the house is the most important, the person who is living in the house in the forest has to be in contact with nature, for this you need good views and that you can see everything well towards the trees and nature, thanks to this we will get good views and we will feel linked to nature.

Whatever the house is what really gives value is what we find outside, that is the most important thing, we must leave aside the architecture and make sure we have good windows to enjoy our views. So also make sure that the house helps to conserve the environment.

10. Build the house yourself

One thing that usually attracts people the most to build their own house in. The image below shows one of the steps to build your own tree house, it can be done with simple materials, if you are interested and want to know all the instructions you have to follow you can search the internet for steps to build your own tree house and you will find a lot of steps to follow.

However if you don’t have enough time to build a perfect tree house and you want to do something quick with a transparent plastic, more exactly a roll of bioplastic you can make a house by rolling the plastic from branch to branch, and after several turns you will get the bioplastic to support your weight.