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The most famous ads of the TV

The shopping channel has been a program that has marked the history of television and the entertainment of a whole generation. With the evolution of television advertising, many marketers began to buy large slots of airtime in order to develop this type of program. Since then, TV mornings and early mornings have never been the same and the success of «infomercials» has been such that channels dedicated exclusively to this format have been created. That is why we have dedicated this space to tell you about 13 mythical items that have been promoted in the teleshopping.

Their catchy and repetitive slogans go on for several minutes and become so hypnotic that they would convince Mozart himself to need a hearing aid, but consumer advocates advise to investigate very well the nature of both the product and the advertiser before making a purchase.

They recommend it in case there is some kind of problem later when the product arrives home, there have been cases in which the final product you receive does not look like the product that was being advertised. To avoid this type of situation it is good that we look at the comments of people who have already bought it and what they think of that product, that way we will save the cost of return and above all much much time.

However, what interests us is to remember those mythical gadgets that marked our lives, so today we are going to open the trunk of memories to highlight the most successful commercials of the Teleshop. But just before talking about the commercials I have to mention that the TV channel has given us many moments throughout our lives. I have a vague memory of when the teleshopping started, when everyone commented on the products and made jokes because of their flashy commercials. Now looking back we see how these ads have marked our history. So there’s nothing more to talk about, let’s get started!

Ginsu knives

Comparing a kitchen knife to Japanese martial arts was a real hit. This type of marketing proliferated being a clear example of a good advertising campaign. Nowadays, we continue to see spots for knives that revolutionize our kitchen, although the revolutionary thing is that they are made of ceramic.

Lasvi anti-pain tweezers

The image of a brand has always been very important. When the person selling the product is a well-known character, it always attracts our attention more than an unknown one. In this case, Jesús Puente was a successful TV presenter, who surprised us with this advertisement of tweezers that take away any pain. We would like to highlight the slogan of this product: «Lasvi… I saw them in the pharmacy» Bravo!

The ThigMaster

Who has never seen an advertisement in the teleshop for a device to tone the whole body with minimum effort? One of the first and most talked-about ads was this one starring Suzanne Sommers, in which she convinced you to buy the ThigMaster and get a perfect figure.

A tool that allows you to do all kinds of hairstyles

Nowadays, there are still a lot of tools available that allow you to easily do your hair and make different hairstyles. In this case, this advertisement promoted a stick that became the most desired thing for women and some men.

The Jes Extender

Great where ever there was one! That moment when you are with your grandmother on the sofa at home and suddenly this mythical advert appears, promising to enlarge the penis up to 5 cm. Curiously, the product has been so successful that today it is still marketed in various formats, and there is even a gold-plated version.

The Burning Heart

The sale of music compilations through teleshopping is no longer a success, among other things because of the constant changes in the medium that music is constantly undergoing. Even so, in the 90s this compilation of music designed for those moments of intimacy with your partner was a revolution.

The butterfly pillow

The repeated advertisements we see for mattresses that take away all our pain, give us more oxygen, massage us, etc. could have their origin in this advertisement for pillows that promised to take away all neck and back pain when used at night. It is true that sleeping on a good mattress and using a good pillow will help to have a more satisfying rest. However, the announcement of the butterfly pillow caused the stores to fill up with cushions, mattresses and miracle pillows that sold like hot cakes and that today fill the storage rooms of half the world.

The Whisper XL

Curiously, the smaller the headphones sold today, the more successful they are. The Whisper XL triumphed in sales and its main claim was to sell that its large size increased the sound than a smaller device.

The Restform

I dare say that 90% of the people know this product. After the success it has had in the teleshop it has been sold in many establishments with other brands. This is one of the most watched and at the same time most parodied ads. Do you remember it?

Snail slime

This ad produced a certain commotion when it was first aired, but little by little it became successful and the stores were filled with moisturizing creams with snail slime. The message was clear and direct: if a snail can regenerate its own snail, what can’t it do on the skin?

The Static Duster

Anything that makes household chores easier has already made a big part of the sales pitch. The special thing about this duster is that it can be folded to reach every corner of the house. The look of the product, its bright colors and the video demonstration helped the product sell like hot cakes.

The Collector’s Gallery rings

The Collector’s Gallery changed the advertising format despite belonging to the teleshop. In this case, they didn’t offer two for one, or equally expensive gifts if you bought them instantly; their strategy was to sell select luxury products that would help you appear to have a higher status.

The Batamanta

This is undoubtedly the most modern success of teleshopping, as it has made us all know the product whether we consume this type of program or not. They began to create them in all types, sizes and colors so that all members of the household could use them.

In this advertisement the TV channel got its product talked about all over the world. We can see how this product was deserved of a scene like in the series Forty towers- .
A lot of youtube channels and famous people bought this product and made it fashionable which made it a product that everyone wanted to buy.

A clear example that the teleshop is not at all an obsolete format but continues to create mythical commercials that will mark future generations.