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The keys and styles of modern living rooms

agosto 15, 2021

There are different decorating ideas for modern living rooms, but they are all driven by common patterns.

Our patterns are the use of technology to generate elegant lighting effects, as well as the minimalist and fresh style of the furniture for the decoration of the modern living room.

modern living rooms

The constant in the different styles of modern living rooms is that they seek to be functional, simple and orderly.

The practical aesthetics of this type of decoration make them spaces that are suitable for all kinds of activities.

In rooms with modern decoration you can read, work, enjoy a romantic evening and much more.

That is why you must know the keys and styles for the decoration of a modern living room and enjoy its aesthetics.

Key # 1: The elements for the design of a modern living room

For the design of a modern living room you only need to give it a neat and simple touch.

modern living room

Opt for pictures and paintings in soft colors or pastel white hanging on the walls, since that way you will be able to create a spacious and spacious environment.

If you want to give it a futuristic feel, equip the living room with metal tables and chairs.

Objects such as lamps, rugs, tables, among others, you can choose with a minimalist or rustic style, that way you will achieve an excellent design.

Another element for the design of a modern living room is technology, you can choose to place a flat screen TV or a good sound system.

Adding modern sculptures and artwork adds a touch of elegance and class.

Key # 2: The most ideal colors

As for the subject of colors, it is another in which you must delve into.

If you are looking for a futuristic aesthetic, as noted above, use metallic colors.

To give it a more spacious look, go for light colors.

But you can also opt for neon colors so that the living room provides striking and vibrant sensations.

Key # 3: Objects for the decoration of a modern living room

Plio, minimalist, the style you prefer under a modern design.

modern living room

Objects you can use can be Zen furniture, simple metal tables, shiny cushions, or modern art on the walls.

In the same way you can use elements such as an old statuette, with a family history, since it will give an interesting contrast to the living room, especially if you place it in a very modern closet or on an elegant chrome table.

With these keys you can have an idea of the elements, colors and objects that you need for a modern decoration for a living room.

Now that you know the most fundamental keys, you need to know that there are different types of styles of modern living rooms.

These styles can be:

  • Industrial
  • Eclectic
  • Scandinavian
  • Mediterranean

Here is a brief description of each of these styles:

#1: Modern industrial style living room

This is the style that stands out in spaces such as warehouses and industrial spaces readapted to serve as homes.

It is a very imaginative style, metal and brick pipes are used. Great elegance is possible despite the use of inexpensive materials.

#2: Eclectic-style modern living room

Modern living rooms with eclectic style are those that mix different elements. This is how imaginative and passionate spaces are achieved.

modern living room

However, it is important to balance your style mixes to achieve an eclectic living room.

#3: Modern Scandinavian style living room

This style evokes the legendary ability of the Scandinavian countries to make simple designs for living rooms that offer a wonderful aesthetic.

To achieve this style, the fundamental thing is handmade furniture, it is also important to avoid bright colors and reduce the use of accessories.

#4: Modern Mediterranean style living room

This modern decoration style is based on the Mediterranean coast. It stands out for the presence of light.

Terracotta or blue tiles are used for this, large windows to allow sunlight, brick inside, everything aims to achieve an idyllic space.


Apply each of the 3 keys that you developed and enjoy a modern room for all kinds of activities.

Choose the decorating style that suits you best and experiment with your living room.