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The easiest types of braids to do

agosto 15, 2021

Long hair often gives us more work than short hair, but the truth is that it also gives us more play when it comes to making different and original hairstyles.

Like any other part of our body, hair says a lot about ourselves and our personality, which is why we care a lot about taking care of it and keeping it healthy and strong.

Hair allows us to change our look whenever we want, not only with different cuts or even colors, a simple hairstyle can change our image more than we imagine.

However, possibly out of laziness or comfort, we always end up getting the same hairstyles and, of course, we end up getting bored with them.

In our day to day we not only seek aesthetics, but also comfort. Depending on what our activity is, we highly value having hair tied up that allows us to make physical movements comfortably.

Now, aesthetics and comfort can be combined to achieve results that allow us to look good while we can do our tasks without the hair bothering us.

For that you will think that you should take courses in aesthetics, or hairdressing, but let us help you.

In this sense, it is important that you know that the braid is, possibly, one of the hairstyles that combines these two things: comfort and aesthetics, although the best of all is the variety of original braids that there are.

You will be surprised how many types of braids you can make.

Knowing a great variety of braids will also help you to change your look eventually and thus not get bored with a single braid.

For our part, we bring you 10 different types of braids with which you will never end up getting bored of your hair:

1. Braid and ponytail

Surely you are one of those who make a ponytail to have their hair picked up and thus work or do trades without any hassle.

Ponytails are very popular, however, they lack an aesthetic touch that you can achieve if you braid yourself.

Give your daily ponytail a different twist by adding some braids on the side.

Look at the photo and if it suits you, do not hesitate to take it:

types of braids

2. Danish braid

If you want more style, you can try this type of braids that has also transcended in fashion.

It will help you to look good and feel comfortable for your day to day.

To get this hairstyle you just have to divide the hair into two halves and start braiding each of the sides from the roots.

When you reach the nape of the neck you will only have to join the two braids in a ponytail.

types of braids

3. Twisted braid

This braid is very elegant in style. In fact, it has a very European touch.

You will surely like it, it allows you not only to collect the hair in the braid but also to hold the rest to control it better.

Roll two strands of hair tightly and braid them. In the photo you will see a step by step to create this braid and be beautiful and comfortable.

types of braids

4. Ridge braid

For a more youthful or modern look, you can try the ridge braid. It is for all ages.

It is very easy to do, we want to show you how and that you can try it to see if it favors your face, and gives you more comfort.

Follow the steps seen in the photo and get this original hairstyle.

types of braids

5. Boho braid

This braid will give your look a special touch. It is one of the most sober braids, which will surely suit you very well.

Learn how to do it practicing, we will give you the step by step.

Start by making a root braid and when you reach ear level, finish with a normal braid.

You will wear your hair down but you will be more comfortable and with a different touch.

types of braids

6. Diadem

This braid is not the easiest to do, however it gives you a well-balanced look of elegance.

You can do it for a night out or casual, also to face your day to day.

Work comfortably at the office with this braid.

As we have said, this hairstyle has the odd complication, but nothing that practice cannot overcome.

You have to take strands from the roots and braid normally forming the headband, as seen in the photograph.

types of braids

7. The fake braid

As the name implies, this braid is a bit fake. It’s like an illusion, but it’s still useful.

It will give you a pretty fresh look, plus you can do it very easily and without complications. Yes, it is one of the easiest braids to do.

Surely when you learn to do it you will not stop using it in your day to day life.

An informal collection that serves us for any occasion. You just have to make a wide braid and roll it up as seen in the picture.

types of braids

8. Mermaid braid

It’s not the easiest, it definitely isn’t, but you can learn to do it very quickly.

This is an elegant braid that will allow you to look spectacular, so you can use it both to go to the office and to go to a cocktail party, to a business meeting, to a special celebration.

It is arguably one of the most versatile braids, so you need to learn how to do it.

In the image you can confirm that it certainly has the perfect style for special occasions.

types of braids

Sure and you notice how complicated it can be, but please, do not be scared that we are here to help you solve it and that you can learn to do it.

9. Double braid

There are braids that not only provide comfort and aesthetics, they also help you cope with the climate and the conditions of the context.

That is the case with this type of braid that you can make, the double braid collects more hair and helps you to be cooler.

That is why it is the most ideal type of braid for the hottest days.

types of braids

10. Half braid

This is the last braid that we will show you in this post.

It is ideal for you if you have abundant hair and want to pick it up with style to be more comfortable.

You can also wear it in your day to day or use it on a special occasion if you prefer.

A very original way to make a half collected, and very comfortable!

types of braids