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The best options for fixing a broken zipper

agosto 15, 2021

There are problems that can be solved without the need for a professional, that is, you can do it yourself.

You just need a couple of tools and maybe a tutorial and voila, problem solved.

But this does not only apply to things to do at home, to the repair of appliances or decoration of space. You can also apply it to clothing.

Let’s face it, the vast majority of us like to shop. Clothes, accessories, shoes … everything has a place in our closet!

Many times we become so infatuated with a garment or accessory that we use it over and over again, until it ends up spoiling or deteriorating noticeably.

Has it happened to you?

This happens, especially, when there is a zipper in the way, since, sometimes, these can become very delicate and can break when we least expect it.

There is nothing worse than being in a hurry, we just got dressed and at the slightest movement … wham, broken zipper! What to do then?

This is what we mean at the beginning, you can repair the garments yourself, without having to resort to a tailor or seamstress. you only need a couple of tools.

Do not panic

Today we are going to teach you 5 different methods to quickly fix zippers whatever the problem, without leaving home, with simple instruments and without the need to go to a dressmaker.

Luckily for you, it most likely helped you save your zipper. There will be no zipper that can resist you!

So take note because one of these 5 insurance methods saves your life, preventing you from having to get rid of that garment that you like so much because of a broken zipper.

How to fix a glued zipper with a pencil

How to fix a glued zipper with a pencil

Pencils are not only useful for writing, and if you relate them to school assignments, let us tell you that you can do a lot with a pencil.

You just need to know the correct steps that will allow you to repair a zipper almost magically.

In fact, if you share this method with your friends, you are sure to leave them impressed.

Take note, yes, with the same pencil that you will use to repair your zipper.

Step 1: Check if there is something stuck on the slider, such as thread or fabric.

Step 2: Take a sharp pencil and insert it deep into the teeth, making gentle movements up and down the stuck slider.

Step 3: The pencil should function as a lubricant and soften the teeth to unblock it.

2. How to fix a stuck zipper with liquid soap

How to fix a stuck zipper with liquid soap

A glued zipper is not an impediment to continue enjoying that jacket, dress, shoe, or any other garment that you want to continue using.

So if you wonder how to fix a zipper and the previous method is not easy for you, keep reading because with this method you will surely achieve it.

Liquid soap is very useful to solve hygiene problems, but also to fix that zipper that almost makes you say goodbye to your garment.

Step 1: As in the previous method, you have to check if the zipper is stuck with a thread or fabric.

Step 2: In a bowl, mix a little soap and clean water.

Step 3: Take some cotton and rub the soap mixture all over the stuck slider. So you have to try to move the slider up and down until it is lubricated and starts rolling again.

3. How to fix a zipper that has come off

How to fix a zipper that has come off

We have presented you with two methods for fixing stuck zippers, but this is not the only problem that occurs with zippers.

It also often happens that they separate from the lane, but this problem also has an easy solution.

With just two steps you can solve it, that easy.

Here are the ideal steps to fix zippers that have come off:

Step 1: Place the item with a broken zipper on a table, grab a stationery clip, and prepare a soap and water mixture as in the previous method.

Step 2: Wet the zipper well with the soapy water and with the help of the clip move all the teeth of the zipper, this will make it clean and lubricate, and it can function normally again.

4. How to fix a zipper with pliers

How to fix a zipper with pliers

When the zipper is detached there are creative ways to fix it.

And for this method you will need a pliers. So this tool not only helps you with repairs at home, but also to repair your garments with damaged zippers.

It is not difficult, even though it involves these types of tools.

Fix your zipper out with these simple and easy steps.

Step 1: Lay the divided zipper on a table and make sure the teeth are free of any thread or fabric.

Step 2: Prepare a mixture of soap and water in a bowl. Dampen a cloth with this mixture and wipe the zipper teeth to make sure there is no accumulation of dirt or dust.

Step 3: Using the pliers, gently squeeze the bottom of the slider. Make sure to tighten the slider little by little, always checking the zipper to see if it is progressing, until it returns to normal.

Now, it also happens that the zipper has not come off but that the lower teeth are missing.

This type of problem also has a solution, you must also use the pliers.

In this condition of the zipper, the steps are as follows:

Step 1: Put the item with the broken zipper on the table. Grab the pliers and gently loosen the metal stop at the bottom of the zipper until it comes off.

Step 2: Take the metal stop and place it where the missing teeth of the zipper are.

Step 3: Using the pliers, press the metal against the teeth so that this becomes the new bottom of the zipper.

5. How to fix a zipper with sharp nose pliers

How to fix a zipper with sharp nose pliers

We continue with the tools, and this time it is the sharp nose pliers, which is also ideal for fixing damaged zippers.

In fact, there are two types of damage that can be solved with this plier, and both methods are very easy.

The first scenario in which a sharp-nose pliers will come in handy is when the zipper has come out of the closed sliding path.

In this case the steps are as follows:

Step 1: With the help of the sharp pliers, remove the metal stops and the upper teeth of the zipper.

Step 2: Put the slider on top of the zipper and gently insert the tape into it. Continue until the slider reaches the teeth.

Step 3: Once the first teeth hit the slide, grab the top two sides of the tape above the slide and gently pull on them. Continue until the slider is back on the zipper and in good working order.

Step 4: Put the metal stops back on top of the teeth to make sure the slider doesn’t come off.

On the other hand, it can also happen that the zipper comes out of the open sliding path, and although it may seem like a complicated problem to solve, the truth is that it is very easy.

With the same sharp nose pliers you can solve this problem.

The steps are simple, get to know them:

Step 1: Follow the first step, just like the previous method, turn the slider upside down and place it on top of the open zipper.

Step 2: Attach both sides of the tape to the head of the slider and keep pushing the slider down the zipper until it reaches the first teeth.

Step 3: Line the teeth on both sides of the tape inside the slider and start working the slider down. So that the slider can now close the zipper.

6. How to fix a zipper with a fork

How to fix a zipper with a fork


As you can see there is no zipper damage that cannot be resolved.

You only need to know the easiest and most appropriate methods, with the resources or tools that are at your fingertips.

We hope this article saves your life and you continue to enjoy your favorite clothing items.

Here we leave you a video for those who with the images that we have passed are not clarified.