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The best and strongest houseplants

abril 28, 2020

Putting a green and natural touch in our house is always good, natural plants can give warmth and heat to our house.

There are many indoor plants that allow us to keep them both in summer and winter and, in addition, however small they may be, they have the ability to completely change a space, since they recreate the outdoors and nature in a small pot.

However, not everyone is good at plants and end up giving up when they see that most of them die.

It is true that plants need some care, but there are many types that are much more resistant, so they are perfect for all those who do not have a good hand for plants.

Today we want to give you some examples of plants that are really difficult to kill, and that with very little care you can enjoy inside your home.

1. Ferns

Ferns in nature grow in humid places, so they are perfect indoors, since the sun does not punish them as much and they endure.

They allow you to give a green and ecological touch to your spaces, so that they reach another level of decoration.

The best thing is that you should not worry about the sun routine, removing them from direct sun or anything, because as we have said it is one of the most resistant indoor plants, so you can not worry about regular maintenance.

As a hanging plant it is one of the most beautiful, and you can put it in any room, even in the bathroom.

So keep it in mind for the interior decoration of any space in your house.

It can also be used for your office.

2. Cactus

They are, par excellence, one of the easiest plants to care for since they need little water and do not need direct light to survive.

It is a great advantage to decorate interiors with cacti, they will serve you for wide spaces, since they will provide a feeling very in harmony with the space.

You can also use it for narrower spaces, in fewer sizes.

Take advantage of this plant that offers you a great variety in sizes, that does not require excessive care and that gives your spaces a touch of elegance.

In addition, within the cacti you find many variants with different sizes, colors, and shapes.

3. Succulent

Succulents are one of those houseplants that requires low light, so you don’t need to be moving it from one place to another so they can be fine.

They are resistant to all kinds of temperatures and give an exotic air to the spaces.

These plants accumulate water in their leaves, so they do not need much care, in fact, you should try not to water them much.

Although they are ideal plants for hot spaces, they also tolerate cold, so they will be great indoors.

As with cacti, we can find many types, which vary in size, colors and even shapes.

Here are some of the types of succulents that you can use for interior decoration:

Donkey tail:


Sheep’s Tail:

4. Raphis excelsa or Palmerita china

For a riskier, tropical, happy and abundant decoration, this interior plant is a great option, you just have to have space, since its anatomy is really wide.

A larger plant capable of giving a tropical touch to the interior of your house, it is a small palm tree that resists many adverse conditions.

This plant does not need to be over-watered nor does it need direct light.

5. Tillandsias or ‘air plants’

Contrary in volume and size to the previous option, an air plant can be accommodated in any corner.

They are called air plants because that is practically the only thing they need to survive, air.

They are perfect to put them in terrariums or centerpieces. Just spray a little water with a spray from time to time and your plant will be happy.

Take it into account to give a special touch to your decoration.

6. Aspidistra

This is another large volume plant that also provides an exotic air to your space.

Without a doubt it will be one of the plants that will be your favorite and that you want to always have inside your home.

This plant has large leaves that surround a long and strong stem, it is a resistant plant because it does not need much light, yes, it is slow growing, so you have to be patient.

You can buy them already large if you want, it is also a good option.

7. Sansevieria

Plant characteristic of any portal and landing worth its salt, and is that in addition to being beautiful, it is perfect for interiors because it is not demanding either with watering or with light.

It also has an elegant appearance that will add class to your spaces, and you can combine it with other plants.

Sansevieria is an indoor plant that grows vertically, so its size will never be an obstacle in spaces.

In this case, it is necessary to be careful with the excess of humidity, since it could rot the leaf.

8. Potus o potos

Abundant and large volume leaves, elongated stems, a very vivid green, these are the special characteristics of this type of hardy indoor plant that does not require much light.

This plant grows easily and the elongated stems can be guided around the room the way we want, so it is perfect as a decoration.

Now, although it does not require a lot of light, if it must be taken into account that it needs it to develop, however, it can be a light filtered by a curtain, not direct light and it is very demanding in terms of irrigation.

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