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Small, practical and stylish kitchens

agosto 15, 2021

If you dream of a beautiful kitchen, but you have only a few meters, do not worry. With a few tricks and a little ingenuity and a strategic visit to a kitchen store, you can multiply the storage spaces and achieve a super pleasant and functional atmosphere in a small kitchen.

It is the heart of the home, we spend a good part of the day, we prepare the food, we share good times and much more. It is generally one of the most used environments in most houses, but sometimes you have less space than we like, and we think there is no way to make it more beautiful than it looks.

Your case? Do not despair! We assure you that you will multiply its possibilities, with great style!

What to do with your small kitchen?

Today your small kitchen has resources that multiply the capacity of the space. Organizers, hangers, furniture up to the ceiling and other variants allow you to add appliances and objects without sacrificing the beauty of the space.

A good distribution, adapted to each type of space, is the key starting point to get the most out of the kitchen. In general, there are three kitchen designs:

small kitchen

L-shaped: distributing a small kitchen in an L-shape is the best option, especially when it is very narrow. Sometimes you can make the mistake of taking advantage of both sides equally, but the area of passage will be very small and can be overwhelming. If you have no choice but to use the other side, it is key that the cabinets do not reach the ceiling to avoid the tunnel effect.

small kitchen

U-shaped: U-shaped kitchens are typical of square kitchens. On one side the fire area is placed, on the other the water area and a counter area is left as clear as possible to have a comfortable work area.

small kitchen

One side only: you have a kitchen-hallway or integrated into a single environment together with the living room or dining room, the ideal is to place it on a single wall, taking advantage of the length. If space permits, you can place a small mobile island, with wheels, which will serve as extra support and storage.

Separate zones

It is essential that you use your ingenuity so that everything in a small kitchen has an assigned space. The first and most important thing to do if you have a small house is to separate the kitchen into three spaces:
Water area – It consists of the sink and a space to wash the vegetables, place the dishes, glasses and pots that you wash.

Fire zone – It is where we will place the stoves and dishes as we remove them from the fire.
Food preparation area – That may well be a small island.

Point Councils

Take advantage of the light: if you can create windows to let in the light, do it! You will feel more comfortable and avoid looking like a small cave.

Goodbye walls: another possibility is to create a kitchen open to the dining room or living room. In this way you will get a more spacious feeling and create a space to share with your family and friends. If you choose this option, we give you a tip: buy an extractor hood that is as powerful and silent as possible.

Light colors: white creates a visual effect of spaciousness. You can use it on the walls, in the cabinets and even on the floor. Kitchens «dressed» in white are much brighter, but you should always keep it as a silver cup!

Cabinets with transparent doors: Glass doors or translucent or transparent materials will also help to enlarge the space. Likewise, we recommend using glass in all the places you can, this material will not only let light through, but will also reflect and enhance it.

So, let’s get to work? You already know that having a small kitchen is not at odds with having a beautiful kitchen. It’s not magic, just a matter of ingenuity and good practice.