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Sliding doors without work

julio 20, 2021

Many times we get used to certain decoration standards because they are generally the ones that come standard.

But this does not mean that it should be like that, that is, you do not have to settle for keeping a style or structure, when you have infinite possibilities.

It is enough that you dare to explore and investigate other possibilities. When we do, we usually find that a few different things can make our lives easier, or that we even like them more aesthetically.

This also happens in relation to decoration and even remodeling or restoration at home.

Sliding doors are a good option

In this sense, we want to talk to you about the doors, since they are generally one of those elements that we accept as they come in the structure, without suspecting that we could have other options.

So that the doors is an element that is present in all the houses. They help us to separate rooms and achieve some privacy in the desired rooms, but often they also take up more space than desired.

This is when sliding doors play a fundamental role, and more and more people are realizing it. For a few years it has been normal to find them in houses around the world, it is an original way of dividing rooms economically.

Today we will take a tour of the different types of sliding doors that we can make, emphasizing those that you can install without work, to find out which one will be closer to our tastes and needs. You can even make a sliding door out of pallets.

So you can choose which of them to place in your home, according to functionality, budget, ease, materials and of course the style.

You can choose the type of doors

On a large scale, we can differentiate two types of sliding door: the one that needs work to be installed and the one that does not.

Sliding doors

The doors that need work are those that are hidden in the wall when it is open.

A partition is built that protects the door between it and the wall.

Sliding door

On the other hand, we find doors that do not need work to be installed, which work thanks to a system of rails installed on the wall.

These you can install yourself, and it would be a great home project to test your skills and feel the satisfaction of doing a restoration and renovation on your own.

Today we are going to focus on this second type, investigating more about all the possibilities we have when choosing a sliding door without the need for work.

As you may already suspect, sliding doors without work have a series of advantages that must be considered.

For example, they mean more economy since costs are reduced by not having to break or do installation work, or fix on the walls mechanisms that deserve reconstruction.

They also allow you to reduce costs in hiring professionals for the installation, since you can do it yourself.

There is the benefit of having a project in which you can use your skills, you know nothing about installing sliding doors without work, then you will be learning something new.

There are many options, so if you are thinking of changing the doors of your house for a sliding door, surely some of them will perfectly suit your style.

Next we will present you 9 options of how to make an easy sliding door without works and the appropriate tips to make the installation in the best way.

1. With the hardware in sight

We can choose whether the system of rails and pulleys with which the door works remains in view or not.

If we decide to make it look, we can find various types, materials and even colors.

This makes the system itself become one more decorative element.

Sliding door

2. Hidden hardware

For people who think that a visible sliding door is enough, there are several ways to cover the hardware: with frames, a guide, etc.

Hiding the hardware, as you can see is not difficult at all, in fact, you just need creativity and you can solve it even with a decorative object.

The important thing is that the method you use to hide the hardware goes in harmony with the decoration of the space.

Sliding door

3. Single leaf sliding door

Taste falls on simplicity many times and the single-leaf sliding doors prove it.

This type of sliding door that can be installed without works not only allows you an easy and economical installation but also helps you to stylize your space.

This type allows us to save space while adding that original touch.

Sliding door

4. Puertas correderas dobles

Double doors can become one of the best options if we have a large space that we would like to divide, such as living rooms, or suite-type bedrooms.

As well as the previous option, we recommend it for small spaces, with this type of sliding door you can reduce the feeling of spaciousness without taking up space in your room.

So it is an option that you should take into account, in addition to giving an elegant touch to the decoration.

Sliding doors

Rustic sliding doors

Barn-type wooden doors are currently on the order of the day, which gives a rustic touch to our house.

They are warm while evoking nature, something that never hurts in any home.

In addition, we must bear in mind that wood gives us many possibilities if one day we want to restore it ourselves and change the style.

Sliding doors

6. A modern touch

On the contrary, if we are looking for a more modern line, metal, glass or a melamine board is the perfect material for our door.

It is more sober but also more minimalist. That is why it is in tune with a decoration in a modern, technological, futuristic and innovative style.

A sliding door without work that will surely seem very attractive and that you can use to give your spaces a special and exclusive touch.

Sliding doors

7. Combine materials

Innovating and combining different materials can have a nice result when it comes to sliding doors.

If you are between the rustic and the modern, this is possibly your best option.

You can combine wood with glass, metal with glass or metal with wood, for example with small windows.

It is also a way to give originality to a space, you can use it for a living room, for an office, or wherever you prefer.

In addition, the installation will be very easy.

Sliding doors

8. Perfect for corners

Some spaces, especially those that make corners, can be a bit difficult to separate.

So they can become perfect solutions. You can even create exclusive spaces for special uses, without the need to build walls.

Since the sliding doors without work offer you that versatility and incredible possibilities of use.

Sliding doors solve this type of problem for us with ideas like the ones we see in the photograph.

Sliding doors

9. Hide corners with a sliding door

Sometimes we have an open pantry that we would prefer to have closed or at least hidden.

Sliding doors fit perfectly in any size and location.

As we can make it with any material, we have no limits when choosing the most appropriate one.

So when you think of these types of doors, don’t just think of rooms.

The truth is that they serve a lot, and this example photograph will surely give you a lot to think about and get your creativity going.

Sliding doors

The best brands for sliding doors

When we buy any material and more a door we must look at the brand, not because of the value that a name brings, but because it gives us confidence to have a company with years of experience, the security that the experience of a company with years offers us. of work, we know that in case something happens and the door does not meet expectations, they will give us a solution.