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Robots for the home: the most recommended and their advantages

abril 28, 2020

There are some tasks in our home that are easier when we have the perfect tool. And this is much more when we have the latest technology or robots to help us with these tasks. Here is a list of those home robots you should have.

The Alfawise S60 robot: window cleaner

If you have a lot of crystals in your house you will know that it is a very tedious task to have to clean them all on your own, but that will no longer be a concern if you have a window cleaning robot. Alfawise S60 has the best German technology available on the market and the manufacturer grants a guarantee of up to 12 months. One of its main features is that it can clean any type of glass, regardless of whether or not they have frames, it can also be used to clean tiles.

The best robots for the home:

Irobot Roomba 606: Robot vacuum cleaner

When we talk about quality robots for cleaning, we must mention the Roomba brand. The Irobot Roomba 606 is a robot vacuum cleaner that has an economic price, its price in comparison is lower than those of «high-end» considering that it has great benefits. No programming is necessary, just press a button and it will start cleaning both hard floors, carpets and any type of surface. It has a system that detects dirty sectors. The robot has the ability to clean under furniture, around it, and in corners.

Vileda Virobi Slim: Mop Cleaner

If the floor of your house requires a more thorough cleaning, the Vileda robot is that tool that you will need in your home, since it has an ideal mop to keep the floor free of dust. It has an advanced system that detects obstacles. It can clean both floors such as parquet, marble, tiles, wood, etc. This can be programmed to work between 30 or 120 minutes depending on the size of the room.

Kitchen robot: Krups Inissia Xn1005 Automatic Espresso Maker

If you are one of those who like Nespresso coffee capsules, this automatic coffee machine will delight you. This coffee maker can make coffee so delicious you think it was made by a professional barista. All you have to do is put the capsules into it and add the water, and in just 25 seconds it will be ready. This robot has a storage of up to 12 capsules and 0.8 liters and can prepare two different densities.

Moulinex Pain Doré Ow2101: Baking Robot

There is no better bread than homemade bread, having a bread maker makes the job much easier. Just add all the necessary ingredients to make the bread you want with sizes ranging from 500 grams to 1 kilo, in this bread making robot we can choose between 3 levels of toasting. With the Moulinex we can choose between 12 programs that will allow us to make biscuits, pasta, pizza dough and more.

Cecotec Ironmix: Kitchen Robot

Having a kitchen robot will be a great help when it comes to cooking and it is that these have multiple capabilities that will make all our dishes the protagonists in all meals. Prepare simple dishes to complete meals with this incredible device. It has up to 22 different functions that allow us to chop, crush, chop, grind, pulverize, scratch, tie, boil and much more. Another positive point that it has is that we can choose between temperatures ranging from 20 degrees to 120 degrees. In it you can pour up to 3.3 liters, it has a butterfly and a spatula and even a 2-level steamer. You can prepare up to 3 dishes at the same time. It is a perfect robot that cannot be missed in your kitchen and even more if you do not have much free time to make food.

These are just some of the home robots that will make your life much easier, technology and robots are becoming more essential everyday, and it is not for nothing that they are gaining popularity around the world.