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15 movie houses to feel like you’re in the middle of a movie production

abril 23, 2020

Sometimes reality surpasses fiction, as well as reality you can live in movie houses. We bring you 15 of the most incredible.


Have you ever wondered how Professor X, Wolverine or Jean Gray rest? Well, in this mutant room it is possible.


A real bat-cave is what this owner has built in his bedroom, and is that, somewhere you have to rest when you are not fighting crime disguised as the dark knight.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Also Captain Nemo’s underwater vehicle, the Nautilius is on the list of movie houses. It is the result of a renovation of a house destroyed by a tornado in the American television program Extreme Makeover.

Yellow Submarine

If you prefer the Beatles instead of Jules Verne’s futuristic fables, you cannot miss this place in San Francisco that recreates the vehicle that gives title to the famous song (and a movie) of the Liverpool quartet.

Dr. Who

The Tardis time machine that allows the doctor to travel to different times is exactly replicated at the home of J.P Fox, a huge fan of the series. The only downside (we suppose), is that it does not work, but it is still part of the most interesting movie houses.


The Ice Hotel in Sweden recreates one of the stages of Tron, the 32-year-old film that revolutionized the special effects of cinema at that time. Quite an experience for nostalgic 80s.


National Geographic conducted this experiment by recreating Up’s house and blowing it up for an hour with the help of balloons.

The Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit

One of the mythical places in Tolkien’s mythology is the cozy Hobbit Holes, where Frodo and Bilbo inhabit before embarking on their well-known adventures. This man built himself one in an amazing example of «Do It Yourself».

Star Trek

The mythical Enterprise ship of the Star Trek saga is the inspiration for this house that recreates in great detail the space ship of the adventures of Captain Kirk, Spock and other famous galactic explorers. 150,000 euros invested in the 47 m2 that the house has.

Something bigger (2,500 m2) is this mansion dedicated to the Star trek saga that we can find in Florida.

The huge house also has other rooms with tributes and references to all kinds of movies and video games such as the 1956 science fiction classic Forbidden Planet, famous for introducing «Robby» the robot.

Millenium Falcon

Other movie houses are based on another great galactic film saga. One of the first things that comes to mind when thinking about Star Wars is the Millennium Falcon, recreated in this room that also serves as a movie theater.

The Golden Compass

The Steampunk aesthetic movie based on the novel Northern Lights by Phillip Pullman inspires this retro-futuristic room.

Los Simpsons

Probably the most famous house on television is recreated in great detail in Las Vegas (not Springfield). To carry it out, the architectural team had to carefully review more than 100 chapters in the series.

Space Invaders

The classic arcade of the 80s has been burned into the collective imagination. The good thing about this house is that if the Invaders come, you will go unnoticed. This should be part of the list of video game houses, but until we form it is perfect for our movie houses.

The Flintstones

The classic Hanna Barbera drawings that we all remember, and those who live in the stone age did not prevent them from enjoying a cozy house and even a mobile phone. Here it is completely faithfully recreated. It is located in Malibu, California, and is inhabited by the famous presenter Dick Clark.