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Maisons Du Monde presents its latest trends for autumn and winter

febrero 11, 2022

Maisons Du Monde has presented us with its new autumn-winter collection with the latest trends in fashion and decoration, thus ensuring that our home enjoys a complete change that will allow it to adapt to the new times, guaranteeing at all times both aesthetics and the funcionality. The Maison Du Monde lamps that will break this season.

Through a good lamp we are going to obtain great advantages that range from improving the decoration of any room to, of course, being able to enjoy good lighting.

In this sense, we must not forget that the important thing is to achieve the perfect balance between the two, since in the same way that we are not going to give up good aesthetics for lighting, we should not do the opposite either.

To do this, Maisons Du Monde brings us its new autumn winter collection with which it surprises with its lightness and quality of shapes, offering very useful alternatives that will undoubtedly satisfy our needs.

Maisons Du Monde Triple Black & Gold Ceiling Lamp

Champiria, white and gold leather lamp


Tripod Reading Lamp with World Map Motif from Maisons Du Monde

Almelo, camphor wood table lamp


Satara linear black and brown ceiling lamp

Cover your cushions to enjoy the softness and warmth of your home

The time has come to give more warmth to our sofa and bed, and for this we bring some very interesting ideas of cushion covers with which we can renew the face of our old cushions, without giving up their comfort and the fact that that we have become accustomed to them.

As we can see, in this new collection soft cream tones are used for the base, while the contrast is sought with other more intense shades, which are the ones that allow the shapes to stand out and offer a more elegant and distinguished perspective. These are some of the cushions that we have found most interesting.

Mirogi, beige cushion cover

Akenda, Maisons Du Monde cotton cushion cover

It is time to introduce the novelties in wall decoration from Maisons Du Monde

There is no doubt that wall decoration is the trend this year, which is why we have also brought some examples from the new Maisons Du Monde collection, where we will find alternatives for all tastes, with specific designs that are different from what we have known until now. the date, offering originality and a positive adaptation of sensations during these autumn and winter months.

Ulrick, wall decoration made of spruce

Milda, decorative wall element with metallic butterflies


Dores Lio, metallic mirrors

Tim, Maisons du Monde figure for the wall

Remember to give a natural touch with artificial flowers and plants

Plant life is an ideal way to enhance the sensations within any room, and to guarantee a clean system that is always kept in perfect condition, so we offer you the possibility of finding decorative artificial plants with a lot of different designs and very original, ideal for practically any room in the home where we want to print a little style and class.

Dried nigellas bouquet

Opium, artificial dahlias

Suzzane, bouquet of dried flowers

Liliane, artificial magnolia with pot


Mirrors and other details that highlight the decoration and open spaces

Through the mirrors we manage to give life and movement to any room, especially if it is about bedrooms, bathrooms and dining rooms.

For this reason we have thought that you might be interested in some examples with which you will be able to enjoy a different and exclusive environment, with lots of new ideas and impossible shapes that combine perfectly with the decorative style you have chosen for each room.

Anja, Paulownia Split Mirror


Lounge, mirror by Maisons Du Monde with metal frame

Don’t forget to equip yourself with the latest Maisons Du Monde furniture for the fall winter season

Quality is essential if we want to enjoy good decoration and a positive experience in our home, and for this Maison Du Monde presents us with the latest in its autumn winter season collection, where we have at our disposal a lot of options between the to choose from, from the simplest and designed to give life to those small holes abandoned until now, to more complete ones that seek to offer the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality.

Henrik Double Metal Side Table

Wembley, chair with metal legs

Wayne, industrial style metal shoe cabinet

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