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Light a fire using a lemon

abril 24, 2020

Today we have all kinds of amenities that make our day to day very simple. Every day new things are invented that reduce to zero our effort to achieve according to what things.

This is something that is great for us every day, but what happens if we find ourselves in an emergency situation in which we do not have all the means to which we are accustomed?

While I hope it doesn’t happen, we never know when we may find ourselves in a delicate situation where we have to fight to survive. One of the most basic things about survival tricks is how to make fire, yes, this time without a lighter and without matches.

At NorthSurvival he wanted to teach us a little trick to make a fire or create a little electricity with just a lemon. Knowing this trick could get us out of some trouble and it is something really simple that everyone can do.

We need:

  • A lemon
  • 6 fine nails
  • 6 copper clips
  • A little wire

Do not miss the following video in which they explain the procedure that we must follow to get fire by our own means. Attentive!