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Keeping order in the bathroom is possible!

marzo 3, 2021

Having the bathroom and the house tidy is something that is fundamental for all people and for all types of houses.

Having things tidy will save us time problems and will also help us to be calmer, if we want to look for something special we will know where things are and we will not get nervous trying to find somewhere where we had it stored.

There are many times that we try to have and maintain order in our room, but I am sure that many times we tidy it up and two days later it returns to the same messy conditions. There are also times when this doesn’t happen, and we tidy up the kitchen, the living room, the wardrobes, but we forget about the bathroom. This cannot be because the bathroom is also a very important place where we spend a lot of time.

Apart from the fact that we spend a lot of time in the bathroom, having a tidy bathroom is important to maintain good hygiene, as the bathroom is usually where we do our most intimate things, such as showering and cleaning ourselves. Another reason why we need the bathroom to be in good condition is because it is a place frequented by our guests, and that is also important to give a good image and not to look like a dirty.


There are even more reasons why we need to tidy up the bathroom,

If you realise that the bathroom is one of the places we frequent the most when we are at home, but because of the rush, the little time we have and the fact that we want to do everything as fast as possible, in the end we mess up the bathroom and we don’t keep it in good condition, and even more so if our bathroom is shared with other members of our family.

Then there are things that bother us and even if they are small details, they end up staying on our bathroom shelf. One of the things that tend to accumulate are a lot of cables, such as hair dryers, hair straighteners…

In addition, half-empty toothpaste, face creams and many other things can also accumulate. In the end, you end up with a huge ball of products on your bathroom shelf. 

If after reading this you have identified yourself, it is because you have a similar bathroom, then read on and we will help you to improve the order of your bathroom.

The first thing you have to do is to get yourself in the right frame of mind, to have a tidy mind and a desire to look for order and to have the desire to dedicate time to tidiness, that is the most important thing.

Then, to continue tidying up your bathroom, take advantage of the free time or the dead hours after work to go to the bathroom and try to tidy it up.

The second thing you will need to do to keep your bathroom nice and tidy is to realise that there are ways to keep your bathroom clean and tidy without taking too much time, there are ways to keep your toiletries and beauty essentials in line.

If the above two tips haven’t helped either, it’s important to know that there is a method for people who are overwhelmed by the chaos of having a chaotic bathroom. This method is called the Konmari method.

Konmari method, bathroom

One of the most surprising facts you need to know is that even in the messiest of homes, the bathroom floor is a fucking critic and difficult to clean of shampoo bottles, hair curlers, hairbrushes… there are many utensils that end up on the floor and that is because we want to have those things at hand and we think that the best place after all is the floor.

For that reason we have to look for some kind of alternative to our bathroom, we cannot leave things on the floor, even if we think that it is tidy, the bathrooms also however big they are you won’t get anything if you have them on the floor, these things have to be placed in their corresponding places. If not, the result is a messy bathroom that looks dirty and sometimes even unhygienic.

If you already know the Konmari Method, you know that it is valid for tidying up other types of rooms such as the kitchen or some specific spaces such as a wardrobe, big or small, it doesn’t matter. You can really use this method with all types of rooms and places, its requirements for a tidy and well polished room are that you have to follow some guidelines so that the organisation is maintained and you can enjoy a tidy and clean space for a while. Apart from organisation, the Konmari method seeks to arrange things in a way that you have them at hand, so that it is not difficult for you to forget where you have left your things, and to achieve total order.

So there is no doubt that, if what you want is a tidy, spotless, bright, hygienic, fresh bathroom that feels good when you enter and stay in the bathroom for a while because everything is fine and you can stay as long as you need, keeping it tidy is the first thing you should do.

Forget about hanging towels in any way, the only thing you will be doing is taking up space, you have to avoid countertops full of makeup, hair and face accessories, creams and all kinds of products that take up space and are not useful to the naked eye. With this, as we have already mentioned, the only thing you will achieve is not to take advantage of any space, making it very difficult to find things. Make the most of all kinds of spaces and places with this way of tidying up and thinking. If you apply the guidelines that I am going to tell you about, you will see how it is possible and not very difficult, you will make the magic of order come true once and for all.


Renovate the bathroom in a new way

If you were thinking about renovating your bathroom, or making some kind of change or renovation, don’t think about it any more because there are many things you have to do before you make a renovation and spend thousands of dollars on it.

To start with, take out all the items that are part of your bathroom, all the things that you use but are not attached to the wall or floor. Empty all the drawers, the shelves, now you will do the exercise of separating the things that you really like from the things that you don’t, take everything that is useful, but be honest with yourself, throw away everything that you haven’t used for months, this kind of things can no longer be part of your bathroom. Look especially at hygiene and personal care products, this type of product is the one that we abandon the most during its useful life.

Ask yourself these questions to make it more useful for you to empty your bathroom: How many cosmetics are dried out because I haven’t closed the lid properly?

Do I have any cologne left over because I don’t really like it? Do I have expired products?

I’m sure there are also expired samples that I haven’t opened just in case. A lipstick that I haven’t used and won’t use again, a lip gloss?

Hairspray? my stretch mark cream that I used for two weeks and then abandoned?

After thinking about all this you will realise and be surprised how there are things that you keep in the bathroom that are only there to collect dust. There is nothing wrong with them gathering dust, but the problem comes because these products are not keeping the bathroom tidy, so classify and separate everything you need and what you don’t, after this step you will see how your bathroom will be much cleaner and without so much saturation.


The accessories.

With the accessories do the same as you did before with make-up and body stuff, why, do you think you’re going to use the tweezers you haven’t used for years? Do you want a curling iron if you don’t have any hair? All these kinds of things you’d have to get rid of.


Almost all textiles take up a lot of space, and also you don’t use all the towels you have stored, if you don’t have much space in your bathroom and you want to increase the space, take out all the towels you have stored and put them in a cupboard in another part of the house so that there is more space and you can store more useful things that you are going to use almost in your day to day life. Apart from storing them you can also throw away the older ones that are more deteriorated. Doing this is another way of recovering space in your cupboards or bathroom drawers.

How to organise the bathroom and its elements.

First of all we are going to see what our objective is going to be, the main objective is to tidy bathrooms and toilets once in a while, so that we are not tidying and tidying every two days. So that’s where you come in, your own organisation and the classification you want to choose for tidying up the bathrooms is up to you. A good option for tidying up the bathroom is with a vanity case, jars, separators, baskets… all these types of utensils will help us to make our bathroom look tidier and more beautiful.  The key is to choose specific containers for an exact type of products, and group them by categories. Once it is sorted into categories, make sure that only the products that you are going to use on a daily basis are in sight.

Leaving aside the utensils for tidying up, take advantage of the shelves and drawers to place the products you have left over and arrange them in order from most to least used, with the most used ones in view and the less used ones hidden away. Some of the keys to a more effective order and a more effective distribution when it comes to arranging it by most to least use are:

– Limit visible objects as much as possible.

Try to keep your products as hidden as possible, this will give a much tidier atmosphere.  For example, something basic that you could do and can serve as an example is to remove everything from sight except for hand soap, toothpaste and toothbrush.

– You can use a container with different compartments:

For example, you can put it in order with products for facial hygiene, another one for make-up for daily use. You can go to any make-up shop and they will have a small article to group your different needs.

– Dividers to divide the drawers into different spaces.

An example can be the following one:

Use a separator to keep the things of metal, scissors, file, nail clippers… Another separator to keep the elements that are used in the hair; brush, comb, tweezers, rubber bands, hairpins… another separator to keep the utensils and bigger objects of makeup, as the brushes, brushes, profilers… Each thing in its place will do that you do not stress at the time of looking for the things and that you do not explode the head for seeing the disorder. Just by opening the drawer you will find what you are looking for and that is a good advantage to save time and to make the bathroom look good.  Something very important if you want to keep things tidy is that once you have finished using the products make sure you put them back in their place, this is an essential rule that you have to follow.


– What do we use the shelves and lower drawers for?

The lower drawers are perfect for storing the things you use the least, one of the uses you can make of these spaces is to leave rolled up towels well placed so that they don’t take up too much space. A basket with some hygiene products, for example, that you only use once a month, or manicure products that you use once a week.

– To hang the electrical appliances you can for example take advantage of the hangers that you can put behind the doors, so that they are not visible, you can do this if you don’t have space in the drawers, otherwise it is more advisable to keep these appliances in the drawers or cupboards. Above all, the most important thing is that electrical appliances such as hairdryers, hair dryers, hair straighteners, etc. are not exposed.

The most important thing is that electrical appliances such as hairdryers, hair dryers, hair straighteners, etc. are not left exposed, because the cables get in the way of a clean and tidy view, which is why it is so important to store electrical appliances properly. 

– The bathtub is a bathtub, not a cupboard. It is important that you apply this rule, you should only keep in the bath or shower the products that you are going to use in your daily shower routine. Shampoo and shower gel are what you should keep in your bathtub. Mask, hair dyes, exfoliating creams etc. It’s much better to keep them separately so that your bathroom looks tidy.


Choose the decoration you want, keeping your bathroom in good condition and tidy will always make it look nicer and it will always be easier to clean. You have to establish your own order and place things in areas where you think they are the most comfortable areas by placing things by more or less use. The decoration I advise you to keep things simple, avoid cluttering all the worktops and the elements that are there. Don’t cover with higher pots other pots because in the end everything gets messy and you can see how dirty and badly placed everything is.

Use dividers, baskets and bins. What you will get with this is that your bathroom is in perfect condition and always ready to be used and to receive guests.  I assure you that it will be worth it, that they see that you are tidy and that you take care of your things, even if it takes you a lot of effort to do it.