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Jeff Bezos buys the most expensive mansion in Los Angeles for 165 million dollars

marzo 5, 2021

Jeff Bezos, you probably already know who this man is or at least you have heard something about him, if you have not, he is one of the richest people in the world and the founder and director of Amazon, it is very unlikely that you have not consumed something from Amazon sometime in your life, if that is not the case you should know that you are among the 3% of the population that has not ordered anything from Amazon sometime in their life.

Well, as you may have guessed, Jeff Bezos‘ net worth is extremely huge, which means he can buy almost anything in the world and he’s actually done it in Los Angeles, California. He has bought the most expensive mansion in California with a value of 165 million euros, the most incredible thing of all is that this percentage is very low compared to what he can buy. This purchase does not suppose any effort and it does not diminish his patrimony hardly, it is simply incredible.

Mansion of Jezz Bezos

Jeff’s mansion is a mansion that has been inhabited by famous people in the history of the United States, it has been the residence of two American presidents, and it has also been the most expensive house ever bought in the United States.

Jeff’s mansion apart from being the most expensive mansion in the state of California is also incredibly large, inside we can find a tennis court, a swimming pool and gardens of 13,000 square meters.

It’s a mansion that holds records

We have been able to see in the Wall Street Journal that in the transaction of the house they have not intervened intermediaries nor real estate agents. Jeff talked and agreed a price with his previous owner David Geffen when he bought his house. We can also say that if intermediaries had been involved, the commission that real estate agents usually take is 5% of the sale price of the house, which in this case would have been the tremendous amount of 8.250.000$.

Its former owner David Geffen bought the house in 1990 for a value of 47.5 million dollars, which at the time was a record-breaking price.

But that’s not all Jeff Bezos also bought a $72 million mansion.

The residence that Jeff Bezos bought and that is currently on his list of residences has just appeared in magazines known for its great architecture, appeared in the section of the golden age of Hollywood and flooded the neighborhoods of Bel Air, Beverly Hills and other areas in Los Angeles.

One of the most expensive mansions in Los Angeles is located in Bel Air, which was bought for about 150 million dollars.

Bezos does not stop buying properties, according to the WALL STREET magazine, he also bought a triplex on Fifth Avenue in the name of his company for the value of 72 million dollars, and also some land of the co-founder of Microsoft for the price of 90 MILLION dollars.

Another of Jeff Bezos’ million-dollar operations is the purchase of his mega yacht, a 400 million dollar vessel, which would become the largest boat in the world. Surpassing other mega yachts that exist on earth.

Back to Jeff Bezos’ largest mansion, its interiors were renovated in the late 1980s. We are going to provide you with more information about this house.

The interiors were renovated in the late 1980s by Henri Samuel, one of the most important designers of the 20th century. It combines classicism and modernity, and its rooms offer panoramic views from the city centre to the Pacific Ocean.

Jeff Bezos´s mansion

This mansion known as Chartwell is a rare combination of vast grounds and magnificent scenery. These two details are extravagant in a city like Los Angeles.

The property includes a five-bedroom guest house designed by Wallace Neff, a 22.86-metre pool with a large swimming pool, a tennis court, a 40-car veranda, a 12,000-bottle wine cellar and manicured gardens, as if it were straight out of a chateau in France.

Another of the much talked about issues related to Jeff Bezos is the amount his wife pocketed when they separated. Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife will get a total of approximately $35.6 billion. A figure that would place her at the top of the richest and most powerful women in the world.

Bezos’ former marriage has produced four children, Preston, the eldest, who is 19 years old today. He is followed by two teenage sons and a girl who was adopted from China. As the children grew up in the mid 2000’s their mother and Jeff’s ex-wife resumed her work as a writer.

What is Jeff Bezzos’ yacht like?

As we have already mentioned, Bezos‘ wealth is impressive and not everything in his life is work. So much so that the billionaire has acquired several properties over the years. One of his most recent trophies is a yacht valued at $400 million.

Jeff Bezos’ yacht called «Flying Fox» is one of the most luxurious vessels in the world and was manufactured by the German shipyard Lürssen Yacht. Designed by renowned designer Espen Oeino, the yacht has a curvaceous, grey exterior plan and is approximately 136 metres long and has a beam of 22.5 metres wide, allowing for considerably large spaces for a better user experience. It has a steel hull and its structure is largely constructed of aluminium.

Jeff Bezos’ yacht

Conceived by designer Mark Berryman, the interior of Jeff Bezos’ yacht maintains a warm and undoubtedly ostentatious atmosphere, seeking to offer a homely and tranquil space, mixing neutral colours and natural details in different spaces.


Jeff Bezos’ yacht

This extravagant vessel can accommodate 25 guests (plus the 45 crew members who maintain it) who can be accommodated in at least 11 cabins, each with its own private terrace overlooking the sea. In addition, there is a 400-metre spa on two floors, a jacuzzi on deck, a full beauty salon, two helipads, a cinema, a beach club and a sauna among other amenities.

As if this were not enough, Jeff Bezos’ yacht has one of the most appreciable luxuries, which is the 12-metre swimming pool located at the stern of the main deck, where users can find water toys and a space for professional diving. Few fortunes are able to fuel the world’s largest pleasure boat in circulation.

 However, rumour has it that the incredible mega yacht does not belong to Amazon’s CEO. Following a message on Twitter, a representative of the company claims that it does not belong to him and further states that it is unknown who owns the boat.

Several media reports stated that Jeff Bezos’ yacht «Flying Fox» was spotted in early July anchored off the coast of the Datça district, a popular tourist destination in Turkey, but it was not known if Bezos was on board.

Yashar Ali, the journalist who tweeted the photo, has since deleted the tweets claiming the yacht belongs to the businessman, along with the original photo, but the screenshots continue to circulate on social media and the riddle has yet to be solved.