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Important points when building your own house

The latest trends with respect to the styles of the houses have been maintained throughout these last times. But we must always keep in mind that year after year new technologies emerge that bring new materials to the construction system of the house. This will improve some of the aspects of the materials, making them more aesthetic, economical or resistant. And it will turn our homes into one of those modern houses we always wanted to have.

The advances are mainly noticed in the different opening systems. With their different combinations of DVH, they provide good acoustic insulation from the outside of the house. Also, the materials they are made of, whether PVC aluminum among the best known, will give us an excellent finish.  In addition, they are characterized by the imitations and colors that currently exist in the market. We no longer have to opt as in the past for the classic wood or bent sheet metal, materials that over the years had their complications due to the inclemency of the weather and had to be maintained. With these new materials, this does not happen.

In addition to the advances in the elements that we see in everyday life, there has also been a great improvement in the materials that we as users of the house do not see. But they are there, such as insulation and stucco, which comes with the paint already incorporated. These are small examples among so many other materials that have been reinvented.

Exposed concrete

The materials most commonly used, both in the interior and exterior of homes, are exposed concrete, steel and wood. Exposed concrete is one of the most commonly used. There are several ways to achieve this finish. One is that the wall is made entirely of concrete, as a load-bearing structure. With a neat realization, no finishing touches will be needed once it has dried.

Another way is with different types of cladding or the use of concrete bricks leaving them exposed. This option does not have the same finish as the concrete that is made on site, but it is also good and can be combined just like concrete. This material can be left in its natural color or another tone can be added. Another material that is related to fair-faced concrete is smoothed cement. One of its main characteristics is its smooth and shiny finish. This material can not only be placed on the floor, but can also be found as wall cladding. This gives another finish to the rooms.

Steel, a must for modern houses

Steel can be used in various parts of the exterior of the house, either as a wall cladding, in the finishes of the house or also in the structure. For example, in small structures of the house such as a roof that will not have side walls. 

Steel building

Steel is pure resistance and is not only good in the event of an earthquake, but also in conditions where houses are in damp places, in case of fire, effective against corrosion, termites and other similar pests.

Speed when building a house with Steel

The design, production and construction times of houses made with this material are significantly reduced. And that to many customers of houses that opt for steel declare savings not only in design time but also in construction time of more than 15%, in some projects, the construction time is very important and with steel has been able to be reduced by 40%.

Reduces labor costs

Once the design has been completed, the production of all site profiles and the erection of the steel construction are easy tasks that can be performed even by unskilled labor.

Less waste

The raw material requirements for steel construction are much lower than for a building constructed with wood or concrete.

Environmentally friendly

Thanks to steel, the entire building is recyclable. So despite the pollution in the extraction of the material, it is completely recyclable once it is finished.

Wood, a classic that lasts

Finally, one of the characteristic materials of modern houses is wood. Its versatility, since it can be used in any of its natural colors or incorporate any of them, is its great benefit. Wood can also be used vertically or horizontally, depending on the total design of the wall to be covered. This applies both indoors and outdoors.

The important thing about the use of these materials is that they are used in such a way that the facade of the house is seen as a whole and not as the aggregate of different materials.

Wood House


In addition to the use of these different types of materials, another characteristic is the use of large windows. As mentioned at the beginning, due to the use of new technologies, the glass sizes can be larger and larger. This helps to have larger openings and no divisions by size.

Straight lines are another characteristic of modern houses. They are pure geometric lines, which collaborate with the use of different materials on the exterior. Due to the nature and shape of the materials, straight lines would be impossible if the house had more loaded shapes, like a baroque style.

New features

One of the new features incorporated is the use of exposed ceilings. That is to say, that the drop that it possesses is seen to the outside. Seen in a simple way, to go along with the simple straight lines, this new feature does not leave out the hidden ceilings. The combination of these two styles of roofing gives it another finish and also, with the use of exposed roofs, other materials such as sheet metal or tile can be incorporated into the facade.

Finally, the incorporation of these different materials and the shape of the house will be completely related to the place where it will be installed. The materials to be used will depend on the characteristics of the environment. It is not the same to be placing a construction in the middle of the mountains, a forest, the sea or in the middle of the city. These places will give us different data that as a result will give us the different compositions of the facade of the future house or the incorporation of some new material to our house.