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IKEA mirrors perfect for your home

agosto 15, 2021

We bring the new collection of IKEA mirrors, where you will be able to find a lot of fantastic ideas for any room in your home, in addition to that we are also going to give you a series of tips with which we hope to help you find the perfect mirror for each location.

Tips for choosing a home mirror

We are going to start by giving you a series of tips with which we will try to help you choose a mirror for the home that suits both aesthetically and functionally.

Wall or floor mirror

The first thing that we must analyze is the type of mirror we are looking for, since in the market we can find a wide variety of different alternatives, so we must opt for the one or those that will best adapt to our tastes and the decorative style of the room in which we are going to place them.

In the first place, we must analyze well if we are interested in opting for a wall or floor mirror.

  • Wall mirror: interesting model for any room. It not only allows you to save space, but it is also ideal for decorating in those areas where we cannot reach the floor, as happens for example when there is furniture.
  • Floor mirror: it is a type of mirror that is called not only to offer a very interesting aesthetic, but also has another advantage which is the fact that we will be able to see ourselves in full length, without forgetting that it increases the advantages of the mirror, that is, it will collect more light at different heights and of course it will also improve the feeling of dimension. This type of mirror is more common in bedrooms and living rooms.

Discover and compare the latest trends – Studying the shapes

Every year we receive new collections with some surprising and very interesting ideas, ideal to combine and achieve an exclusive and different decoration.

One of the advantages of buying IKEA mirrors is precisely that we have at our disposal a very complete collection with the latest trends, including all kinds of shapes, be they straight, oval and of course the increasingly appreciated impossible shapes that allow us to enjoy models exclusive and that attract attention from the first moment.

It is very important that you analyze well if you want to preserve the shapes of the furniture and architectural elements of the place where you are going to place it, or you prefer to create a contrast that breaks the monotony and seeks to attract attention.

Find a model that suits the decoration of the room

It must be borne in mind that the mirror is not usually the first decorative element for the room, in which case we must take into account the importance of combining this object with the rest of the existing decoration.

We commented in the previous section that it may be interesting to combine or contrast the forms, but we must not forget that there are also other characteristic mirror elements such as the frame, the dimensions and their ability to adapt to the environment.

Mirrors help us to get the feeling of more space, but there are times when resizing may not be recommended, or even we do not focus the mirror properly since the ideal is to take advantage of the light and avoid focusing in the dark.

A recommendation that we give you is that, in case you are going to place a mirror on a piece of furniture, if it is the bathroom furniture, the ideal is that it does not come out laterally from it, while in dining room furniture we can do it but with A peculiarity, and that is that we must avoid that it stands out just a little; If it is going to come out of the cabinet, let it be something considerable to show that that was really our goal, not that we have not been able to find a mirror to the appropriate size.

The IKEA mirror with or without frame

We must also assess whether we want a mirror with or without a frame, since this seemingly simple element helps us go from a minimalist and very simple mirror to a different, exclusive design that will adapt to any type of decoration that passes through our mind. , from something more contemporary to a more traditional and elegant option.

In terms of frames, we will be able to find different materials, among which metal and wood stand out, although there are also ceramic or even stone models, something that is important to take into account since it can be a very interesting change in the decoration.

In the case that the walls are made of stone or wood, the advice is that we avoid that the frame is of the same material, since this will redo too much and can break the aesthetics.

That is why the option of combining these materials can be the perfect touch to make the mirror stand out and at the same time offer a cut that attracts attention and avoids boredom.

Mirrors and lighting

Lighting is another detail that we must consider when we talk about mirrors, since this will benefit us in two aspects that are:

  • Improves visibility around the mirror.
  • It is an interesting system to enhance and personalize the mirror.

A well-lit mirror represents a drastic change in terms of aesthetics, and in this sense we recommend using LED lighting, on the one hand because of its low consumption, thus allowing you to save money and at the same time reduce the environmental impact, and on the other hand, that will allow indirect light to work, one of the most interesting options when looking to improve the appearance and decoration of the area where the mirror is located.

Most interesting IKEA mirror models

Now that we understand a little better the type of mirror we need and we know the main characteristics to which we must pay attention, it is time to take a brief tour with which we can get to know some of the most interesting IKEA mirrors to equip the home.

Nissedal, a simple and very versatile model

IKEA mirror

Lassbyn, two different geometric mirrors

IKEA mirror

Lots, the ideal alternative to increase the feeling of space

IKEA mirror

Stockholm, a different and minimalist design

IKEA mirror

Hönefoss, a mirror that prints originality

IKEA mirror

Ekne, the model for lovers of elegance

IKEA mirror

Fräck, very practical extendable mirror

IKEA mirror

Fullen, the simple model that recovers the essence of the 90s

IKEA mirror

Karmsund, elegance and utility in equal measure

IKEA mirror

Folkja, the most original and natural model

IKEA mirror

IKEA mirrors are characterized by their quality and by having a very reasonable price, thus allowing anyone to equip their home with this element that undoubtedly helps to give a positive change to all rooms.