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How to get the best Ikea shoe rack

agosto 15, 2021

Walking through the different sections of Ikea is a luxury. The best-known Swedish furniture store in the world has a whole repertoire of furniture, accessories and ideas to make our home a comfortable and warm place. At Ikea we can find practically everything we need for this task.

Therefore, if you are looking to decorate a room, you may have thought about getting the best Ikea shoe rack. This furniture is perfect for storing shoes, while decorating any corner of the room. If you type shoemaker in the search engine of its website you will see the models that are currently available.

Choose the best Ikea shoe rack

Like everything in decoration, to choose the best Ikea shoe rack you will have to see in advance what type of furniture you need. Take a good look at the material and color. In the store you can find wooden models, both in light and dark colors, even the typical metal shoe rack that you can use to put inside a closet.

Hemnes shoe rack

This shoe rack model from Ikea, made of wood, is perfect for lovers of good taste and sophistication. It has a simple and classic design, which goes very well with dark and bohemian furniture. It can be used both for a room and for placing in the entrance of the house, and that it is also useful as a decorative element and so that you never forget your keys before leaving.

Ikea shoe rack

It can accommodate more than 8 pairs of shoes and must be fixed to the wall. As the cabinet only has legs at the front, it is possible to place it against the wall, above the skirting board.

TJUSIG shoe rack

Made of solid wood from sustainable sources, this shoe rack adapts to all types of spaces, making it perfect to place inside a closet or in the room itself, in a corner, for example. With it you will have your day-to-day shoes in order, although, yes, there are not too many pairs, no more than six or eight.

Ikea shoe rack

Trones shoe rack

This shoe rack is the perfect complement to the entrance of your home. In addition to using it to store your daily shoes, it is ideal to use its upper part to place your keys or mobile. It is an Ikea shoe rack that can come in handy in small entrances.

Ikea shoe rack

Brusali shoe rack

If you love old wood and you have a house with a modern as well as sophisticated decoration, this shoe rack from Ikea is sure to be the one of your dreams. Like the previous ones, it can be a great ally to place in a house entrance.

Ikea shoe rack

In any case, its design is perfect even for living rooms or lounges. It also has a space at the top to put a photo frame, or leave keys or mobile on top.

Any of these shoe racks can be found in the Ikea online store or in its physical store. Their prices do not exceed 100 euros, so they are the most economical and an excellent solution to place your day-to-day shoes.