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How to freeze glass containers and not die trying

abril 28, 2020

Freezing food allows us to organize ourselves much better, we can cook and buy in the long term with the confidence that the food will remain in good condition.

However, the glass explodes in the freezer if time is spent there, and may even explode while trying to defrost it.

Therefore it is not surprising that once a week we end up freezing something that we have left over.

The question is can you put glass in the freezer without it bursting? The answer is that it is possible.

Plastic tuppers have become the most versatile containers for food preservation.

They take up little space, they are flexible and with tricks like this we can easily clean them.

However, many people do not like plastic because it can alter the taste of foods or even release somewhat harmful substances.

For these cases it is important that you know that you can put a glass container in the freezer without dying in the attempt. Well, maybe we exaggerate a little.

Glass tuppers, despite being more fragile, preserve food even better and retain their original flavor.

But unfortunately we risk exploding if we put them in the freezer, something that does not happen with plastic, and in any case, it would never be as dangerous as glass.

Now, you should know that you can freeze glass tupper without taking risks.

That’s right, we are happy to tell you that there are several ways to freeze your food in glass containers without fear of bursting. Pay close attention to these tips!

Freeze vegetables in glass

If you want to freeze vegetables such as beans, beans, peas or other legumes, the best thing you can do is store them in a wide-mouthed and elongated jar.

It is important that you leave about 4 cm of free space so that when the content expands it takes place.

This is how the vegetable can be frozen in glass.

Freeze sauces in glass

You can also freeze sauces, and although the most ideal is to freeze them in a jar.

In the same way you can do it in bottles, all you have to do is leave about 5 centimeters of empty container.

So the freezer glass tupper combination is not impossible, try this technique for sauces.

Preserve frozen fruit

The best thing we can do to preserve frozen fruit is to keep them peeled and cut.

In this case, use a wide jar without a lid. So you can freeze your fruits in glass jars.

What do we do with the tomatoes?

Tomatoes are a vegetable that cannot be frozen naturally, or at least we should not if we want to enjoy them later.

However, we can freeze them dehydrated in a jar with a little extra space. So for tomatoes it is best to freeze in glass jars.

Preserves broths and other liquids

Freeze broths and other similar liquids, also leaving a quarter or a third of an empty container.

In this case, remember to store it in portions, since once defrosted you will not be able to freeze it again.

So keep your glass containers to freeze as much as you want.