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33 tables that are the dream of every «geek»

abril 20, 2020

We prepare a compilation of geek tables. Nowadays it is more and more common to see how certain designs from all fields are inspired by elements of popular culture to give to our home, office, etc. a hallmark with elements of video games, books or movies that fascinate us so much that they are literally part of our lives. Look at all of them, surely you would like to have some.

Mario Bros Geek Table

X-Wing  (Star Wars)

The ships used by the rebel army in the classic trilogy serve as inspiration for this glass and wood table.

Alien Geek Table

H.G Giger’s terrifying design for the 80s science fiction classic Alien is used for this table.


The elegant symbol of the dark knight could not be missing from our list of geek tables.


An original and truly ‘geek’ design

DJ table

If your hobby is electronic music, you cannot miss this table.

Enterprise ship (Star Trek)

The other great saga of science fiction is also present in this compilation of geek tables.

Han Solo frozen in carbonite (Star Wars)

One of the most iconic images from The Empire Strikes Back. Also, who can refuse to have Harrisond Ford in the room?

IPhone Geek Table

Apple’s gadgets stand out for their design, but who says that this design cannot be transferred to other fields?

LEGO block

One of the most recognizable and used objects of our time.

Millennium Falcon (Star Wars)

The quintessential spaceship. Not only will it be the obligatory topic of conversation for your visits, but it will also ensure you a place on the list of geek tables.

Geek Nintendo Command Table

The controller of the classic NES that will awaken the nostalgia of all those who belong to the generation of the 80s.

Nintendo 64

The logo that announced a new generation ‘gamer’

Dualshock (Playstation)

The PlayStation had at its command one of its best findings, and this table remembers it.

Geek Table in the Shape of a Pyramid (Stargate)

A shape as perfect as it is enigmatic


He is not the most popular superhero, but he is one of the most endearing.

Pac-Man Geek Table

The classic ‘eat coconuts’ that has given us so many good hours.

Cassette tape

Nostalgic walkman can gather around this table to talk about their old tapes.

Geek Table with Comics Collage

Your favorite comics decorating your living room.

Computer towers

Do not waste your old PC’s, they can serve as a decorative element.

Dragon Geek Table

To assemble in the living room an authentic ‘Game of Thrones’

Floppy disk

Although they are not used anymore, their design is recognizable worldwide. A floppy disk had to be part of the geek tables.


A ‘picnic’ without leaving home

Lego Geek Table

If you get tired of the table, you can turn it into something else.

Nintendo with Donkey Kong

The NES with one of its best and most successful games.


Hours and hours of guaranteed entertainment.

Pokemon Geek Table

Another classic, this time from the GameBoy.

Rubik’s Cube

Frustrating and fun in equal parts, it adds a touch of color to any room.

Police Booth (Doctor Who)

Perfect for 5 o’clock tea waiting for the Doctor to appear.

The Big Lebowski

The mythical character of Jeff Bridges on an important element in the film: bowling.


Great option for motor fans.

Geek table with foosball

There is little to say about this game, other than that I don’t think it will ever go out of style.