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Follow, step by step, how to make stars on the ceiling

abril 28, 2020

Redecorating and installing stars in a room is an original idea.

This father, when he learned that his wife was pregnant, began to think about how he could decorate the new family member’s room in a special original way.

He decided to install a multitude of small lights on the ceiling of the room simulating the stars so that the room was more like the entire universe than just another room in the house.

Best of all, he tells us step by step for those who want to recreate something similar in their home.

Mark on the ceiling the place where the beams or pipes pass to work safely

Then, draw a grid with a colored string and make random holes through quadrants. Try to make them different and scattered.

Go up to the loft to access the false ceiling

So far it has been simple and fun, but now comes the hard part.

Take the opportunity to clean all the accumulated dust and be careful not to damage your back, because you will have to work bent for several hours. Remember that the result will be spectacular and that your child will grow proud of you.

Buy a kit similar to this one at a lighting store in your city or on the internet

It consists of a light source with variable intensity and two packages of 300 fiber optic wires to transmit light. The light source has a remote control and a color wheel that will allow you to change its tonality.

Carefully unroll the fiber optic strands

Group them using a velcro strap to work with them comfortably and avoid tangles.

Choose the area where you are going to place the light source

In this case, he chose the interior of the built-in wardrobe because it would be visible to him. Next, wrap the first 10 centimeters of the string bundle with electrical tape and make a hole in the ceiling. Pass the connectors through the hole and connect them to the light source.

Stretch the threads to the end of the room

Begin to drop the sections and insert them through the holes we made in the false ceiling. To avoid tangles, do not let go of the sections that may remain grouped. It is methodical work.

Threads are inserted and dropped through the ceiling

Since the sections go from the farthest wall to the power supply, it will be easier for you to work with them.

Now we must proceed to cut all the excess, leave about 3 or 4 millimeters more

Use small tongs to do it comfortably. They do not offer much resistance but they are 600 threads, it is likely that your hand will tire, do it slowly and it will be easier.

Push the excess with your finger to leave them completely flush

Do you remember that we left 4 or 5 millimeters more? This leftover will allow us to paint the ceiling in the future.

The result is spectacular.

Done, if you dare to install stars in your room, you already know how to do it.