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Everything you need to know about Cicret Bracelet

julio 22, 2021

Cicret Bracelet is a bracelet that provides a totally futuristic experience: using a projector and proximity sensors, it allows you to operate a tablet directly from your skin. Projecting the screen, the proximity sensors send the information to the processor, thus allowing us to control the smartphone or tablet from a distance, or in places where we cannot use them (in the water, on a bicycle, etc …). An impressive «gadget» that reminds us that technology advances by leaps and bounds and that we are seeing things that only a few years ago seemed like a movie. What do you want one?

Cicret Bracelet

How does Cicret Bracelet work?

The Cicret Bracelet is one of the most innovative gadgets of recent times, and it is that today, there are still people who do not understand how this device works. The operation is very simple, since it has a pico projector with 8 sensors, which detect the position of your fingers.

Today this project leaves many questions in the air, since it seems unfeasible that a gadget with such characteristics can work 100% without causing any problems. In addition, this project has had a cost of € 700,000 only for the creation of the prototype.

Where to buy the Cicret Bracelet?

To date, this device cannot be purchased in any establishment, neither online nor physical, because the project was not carried out. In fact, at present the official page of this company no longer exists. Therefore, the Cicret Bracelet was left solely in a dream.

Cicret bracelet

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