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Dream pools that you can put in your own home

abril 20, 2020

Who would not like to have a dream pool at home? To be able to bathe in it when you feel like it, especially during the hot summer days or simply relax contemplating the beautiful picture that it leaves in your garden … Wonderful!

We know that not all people can afford the same type of pool, since there are as many styles as prices. But that does not mean that they are only for millionaires! We present 8 different types of dream pools with their characteristics, price ranges and construction time, so you can discover which one is the most suitable for you.

It is great, right? You only worry about choosing the one that you like the most and that best suits the personality of your home. Duck in the water!

1. Dream pool by construction.

They usually take 20-30 days on average to build. Its maintenance price is low but its construction price can exceed € 10,000. As it is a work site, you choose the materials and the coating, in addition to, of course, the place where it will be located in your garden.

2. Why not a prefabricated dream pool?

They are one of the cheapest, the average price is about € 4000. They are usually made of fiberglass and polyester and take longer to put in than the previous ones, about 5 days.

3. … or totally natural.

These natural pools are one of the most expensive to build along with the sand pools, however their result is beautiful. The main disadvantages are that you have to have special conditions on the ground, it takes a long time to finish completely since it is a natural process and the number of insects that will appear is much greater than in any of the others.

4. Your dream pool can be cheap and removable.

They are undoubtedly the cheapest, their price is around € 1000 and can be mounted easily and in small spaces that do not allow the construction of another type of pool. They are usually made of plastic or wood, so they are not as resistant as construction sites.

5. On the edge of the ground.

They are really amazing and pretty. Usually the same time and materials are used as in building a traditional pool, the problem is that you need a special leveling of the ground in the garden to create that «overflow effect» that makes it seem that it overflows and has no end.

6. The beach in your backyard!

These sand pools are more sustainable than the rest. They are made of compact sand, which simulates the effect of oasis in your home. In addition, despite the contrary, they are easy to clean and maintain, and have several levels of depth, making them ideal for the elderly, people with reduced mobility or children. Its construction is done in a month and a half and can reach € 20,000 in price.

7. Dreamy cement pool with a Mediterranean flair.

These micro-cement pools are of high quality and can be customized if you wish. It does not take more than a month to build them and their price is around € 15,000.

8. As if it were an aquarium.

Bathing in these transparent pools is undoubtedly a real pleasure. It will be for that reason, that they are the most expensive of all since this unique whim costs around € 25,000. As they are made of very resistant glass, you can also add LED lights to enjoy them at night.