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Create your own mask to get rid of the Coronavirus

abril 20, 2020

In previous articles we have shown you videos with healthy exercises to pass the coronavirus crisis as healthy as possible, but we are concerned about your health and that is why we bring you some videos with the best ways to make a mask, since there are no pharmacy.

Like everything in life there are two ways to do it, the most professional and the quick and common way, we leave you at, both options, so that you can adapt it to your possibilities due to difficulty.

DIY: Professional mask for coronavirus

According to the protocol of the health experts, we attach the tutorial video on how to sew the mask and all the previous preparation of the job. The material used to manufacture the masks is TST (Non-woven fabric) of 40 gr, although the weight may vary slightly, up or down.

Difficulty: high

professional mask

DIY Plastic Coronavirus Masks:

Being a non-porous material, we understand that it protects better than the fabric described later.

Difficulty: medium

DIY Easy going facemasks for coronavirus

We warn you that this mask does not protect enough because it would only cover the mouth and the porosity of the material used, but better than having nothing. but for example for allergy sufferers it can work.

Difficulty: low

How to remove gloves

To prevent contagion, this member of the Civil Protection Corps of Madrid explains how to take off our gloves and thus keep our hands clean.