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Alternative uses of dryer wipes

abril 24, 2020

Dryer wipes are a type of gauze that is usually placed in the dryer to avoid static electricity.

There are many that also have softeners or fragrances, but basically their function is to avoid this type of electricity that is produced by the rubbing of the clothes.

Dryer wipes are probably the most useful items at home.

Sure, you only use the towels for the dryer for a single function, which is to prevent static electricity or, what is the same, as a softener for the dryer.

Although this is the utility for which they are intended, it is not surprising that many other uses are currently known for which they are practical, for example cleaning.

And it is that among all the tricks that we can find on the Internet, we have found several that use this type of wipes for the dryer and that are really useful in our day to day.

So much so, I’m sure it won’t matter if you have a dryer at home or not.

From now on, whenever you go to the supermarket, you will want to buy a package of dryer sheets, due to how useful it will be for other daily tasks.

Today we give you 12 great and alternative uses of towel for dryer, would you include any more to the list?

1. Easily remove fat

If you have a pot, pan, or container with food scraps that are difficult to remove.

Soak it in hot water and one of these wipes, after an hour, remove any residue with the same wipe.

It comes out very easily!

And all with the same dryer softening wipes, did you imagine?

2. Keep your thread and needle safe

If you want to save a threaded needle, the best thing to do is to use one of these wipes, since the thread will remain stuck to the gauze and will not tangle.

It’s a great way to put dryer softener wipes to special use.

3. Scent your vacuum cleaner

Over time it is possible that the vacuum cleaner will end up giving off a bad smell.

We can avoid this by introducing a scented dryer pad next to the vacuum cleaner vacuum bag.

4. Remove stains from deodorant

If we are not careful, it is very likely that we will stain our shirt with the deodorant when we dress.

They are generally difficult or impossible to remove without washing, unless you use one of these wipes, quick and easy!

5. Clean dust from difficult places

Clean dust from difficult places. There are many places where it is more difficult to remove dust, such as the leaves of the blinds.

If you do it with these wipes it will be much easier.

So take advantage of this method based on drying towels.

6. Evita la electricidad estática de tu pelo

Rub the teeth of your brush with a towel before brushing it, if you avoid static electricity from your clothes it also does the same with your hair.

That way you will protect your hair, and you will avoid a scare.

7. Clean your iron

The iron, over time, ends up grabbing a lot of dirt at the bottom, something that does not seem very easy to clean.

Well, the dryer sheets also make it much easier for us, we just have to clean that surface with them.

8. Maintain the fragrance of your clothes

The wipes that have scents make the clothes in our dryer come out with a good smell.

If you want to keep that fragrance in your drawers, you just have to put a washcloth inside.

You don’t even have to rub, clean or anything, just put them on and you will keep your drawers smelling like new.

9. Avoid bad smell in the sports bag

The gym bag generally traps bad odors from sneakers and clothing.

Avoid it by inserting a towel inside and renewing yourself from time to time.

10. Limpia las piezas de acero inoxidable

The stainless steel elements are easy to stain with your hands, since the fingerprints are usually left behind.

You have to be very careful with what products are used, because some could damage the surface.

However, an easy way to do this is to use the dryer sheets, which remove all stains and fingerprints.

11. Limpia algunos restos después de cocinar

After cooking according to what things, cleaning can be really tedious.

For example, when we use flour or the like, the dust is much more cumbersome to clean than any other item.

Help yourself with these wipes, so that the task becomes really simple.

12. Keep your books better

Put some of these wipes between the sheets of the book that you want to keep smelling like new.

It will prevent moisture from affecting the yellow pages andolas or taking on an old smell.