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90 creative rings that will blow your imagination

abril 23, 2020

This time we will talk about creative rings. Although it is not possible to know the exact date, the beginning of jewelry is usually dated to about 7000 years ago, coinciding with the time when copper began to be worked. At this time, the first jewelry made with metals began to be used.

Since their invention, they have served as indicators of social position, especially in ancient civilizations such as Egypt. In addition to being a social indicator, they have also been used as talismans, decorations, awards, funeral decorations or symbols of covenants and commitment.

Because despite being small objects and not necessarily forged with valuable metals, they always have a symbolic or sentimental meaning that we provide.

Throughout their history, rings have been designed and modeled in countless ways, testing their simple premise of a hollow metal circle in the center. Here you have a selection of creative rings, the most imaginative, original and impressive rings that can be found for you to enjoy:

1. Mouse ring

2. Creative rings with real flowers

Inside we can see a dandelion.

Algae of the seabed may be so original in a ring.

3. Collection of creative rings based on ‘Alice in Wonderland’

The piece corresponds to the mushrooms that made the protagonist of the story grow inordinate amounts.

A beautiful work of crafts in which we can see the Laughing Cat on the branches of an old tree. Without a doubt an incredible sample of creative rings.

4. Rabbit shaped ring

5. Secret message ring

In the inner part of the ring a heart stands out, so that when we remove the ring, it will be marked on our skin for a while. It would be necessary to ask itself besides being creative rings, they are comfortable.

There are several models that carry different messages, such as the word «love» or «peace».

6. Projector ring

This ring is very curious. With a simple light source we can see on the wall, for example, that very special photo for you and that we will carry inside the miniaturized ring. By placing a light source behind the photo, the lens acts as a projector, making our photo appear instantly on the wall. Something so simple in concept, but so effective in originality and romanticism that it would be the ideal gift.

7. Natural crystal ring

8. Fox ring

9. Scrabble ring

We can put any word that has four letters, so it seems that every day you wear a different ring. In a single ring you have several creative rings.

Original and casual, the perfect complement if you want to surprise for a special occasion.

10. Anillo de origami con forma de grulla

11. Ring with the phrase «I love you» inscribed in Braille

12. Deer Antler Ring

13. Dragon ring

In the Game of Thrones era, this would be the king of creative rings.

14. R2-D2 ring

Perfect for those who are followers and lovers of the ‘Star Wars’ saga.

15. Skeleton hand ring

These designs are very fashionable in the punk style. Creative rings with a very dark style.

16. Screw and Nut Wedding Bands

A very original design that breaks with all the established canons of what has been the typical alliance.

17. Pac-Man rings

A fun retro design that imitates the famous ‘Eat Coconuts’, but at the same time is youthful.

18. Finger cut ring

A chilling and rough design perfect for Halloween.

19. Steampunk or retrofuturist ring

A styled design with precious inlays in silver and gold, symbolizing retro futurism, a sub-genre of science fiction that mixes futuristic designs of all kinds in a retro era, such as the Wild West or Victorian England. Another great example of the creative rings you can get.

20. Medusa ring

21. Landscape ring in wood

Being several rings, the combinations can be very diverse.

22. DJ rings

Pop or alternative style, perfect for any social event.

There are several designs within the collection, such as a mixer and headphones.

23. Swimmer’s ring

Made by contemporary jewelry designer Helen Noakes.

24. Eyeball ring

This mystical design is intended for all those who love the occult and the supernatural.

25. Gas mask ring

26. Full moon ring

27. Ring in memory of cats

This design has been elaborated by Magnus & Bella. If you want to see more of his creative ring designs you can do it on his Facebook page.

29. ‘Winter in Paris’ ring

A design that includes a snowball with the Eiffel tower inside.

30. Bifacial Skull Ring

31. Diamond ring in a box

Perfect as an engagement ring to ask for your partner’s hand. Creative and surprise rings.

32. Royal flower ring

Pure vintage design that has been so much in fashion in recent years.

33. King Arthur’s Ring

The Ring of the Knights of the Round Table.

35. Anillo de globo de perrito

From left to right: yellow gold, rose gold and white gold.

36. Nest ring

The setting imitates the nest and the pearls the bird eggs. A design loaded with originality and creativity unmatched.

37. Enterprise Ship Ring

Design for lovers of the Star Trek series. The ring is a replica of the famous ship in the series, the ‘Enterprise’. «Spatial» designs are key in this list of creative rings.

38. Hamburger ring

No ingredient is missing. A hilarious design for any time of the day.

39. Zodiac rings

Rings made of silver and steel representing the 12 signs of the zodiac. 12 creative rings.

40. Maleficent ring

As you can see, the ring is perfectly carved and is quite an important artisan work.

41. Peace ring

42. ‘The sweetest thing’ ring

The ring represents a bird that has just hatched.

43. The ring of the rose

A perfect floral design for spring, to combine it with cheerful and lively tones.

44. Feather ring

A simple, but beautiful pen-shaped carving that has a small clasp to better fit the finger

45. Darth Vader’s Ring

As you can see, any resource is possible when creating creative rings.

46. Realistic animal rings

Japanese artist Jiro Miura makes these cute rings, which are becoming fashionable among many women.

Under the “Count Blue” brand, it sells these unique jewels, which arouse the admiration and tenderness of many. The truth is that their models have become very popular and are causing a sensation in many countries.

47. Floating Brilliant Ring

48. Spider ring

Made by Lydia Niziblian, this ring is perfect for Halloween or for Gothic styles.

49. «Together» ring

50. Ring set with a love letter

Perfect to give on an anniversary or Valentine’s Day with a personalized note or letter for our couple.

51. Wick ring

A rare silver design capable of burning thanks to the built-in wick. Perfect for those who are smokers.

52. Pasta rings

Designs that imitate various types of sweets and chocolates.

53. Watch ring

A mechanical jewelry ring, made of stainless steel, which is capable of telling the time through LED lights.

54. Cat ring

A fine and elegant design for any type of event.

55. Galaxy ring

56. Rings of colored pencils

57. Nail file ring

This ring ended having to search the file for hours in the bag. Good example of creative and useful rings.

58. Terrarium rings

Perfect for nature lovers.

59. Ring from the ‘Mysteries of the Forest’ collection

60. Ring from the ‘Mysteries of the Forest’ collection

61. Elements of the periodic table

These rings are very original since they imitate all the elements of the periodic table of elements. They are perfect creative rings for chemistry lovers.

62. Origami ring shaped like a lotus flower

63. Notebook ring

Very useful to target anything at any time.

64. Ring of ‘Melancholy’ by Gaspard Hex

65. Snail ring

66. Phone rings

Original alliances that could give a touch of originality to you and your partner.

67. Carnivorous Plant Ring

Ring made of gold that imitates a carnivorous plant. It works as a locket when it is closed.

68. Cannon ring

A cannon that shoots real balls.

69. Dog ring

70. Architecture rings

Creative carved rings that mimic cities or buildings.

Although they can be quite large, the designs are very successful and are of great craftsmanship.

71. 3D printed ring

The 3D printer revolution is now in jewelery too, including designs as exclusive as this one.

72. Photo camera ring

Made of silver and the lens with a pink opal.

73. Gotham ring

Ideal for all Batman lovers.

74. Ring of colored pencils

A design full of originality since it is made with colored pencils that give it a color that makes it very wearable with almost any type of outfit.

75. Snake ring

76. Alien Ring

If you remember the movie, it is a newborn alien.

77. Monkey Wrench Ring

An original design in the shape of a wrench that holds a beautiful sapphire.

78. Men’s ring in a mousetrap

The men’s figures are made of gold and what is the ring in carved steel.

79. Andromeda Ring

80. Engagement ring with two skeletons

If we talk about creative rings, this model of two skeletons holding the solitary black stone, gives it the appearance of a gloomy engagement ring.

81. Octopus ring

The ring itself is the tentacle of an octopus coiled around the finger.

82. Snake ring

83. Harry potter ring

The ring recreates the glasses and the lightning bolt scar of the most famous magician of all time.

84. Silver Bird Ring

It resembles the rare birds that appear in the movie ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

85. Bunny ring

86. Rings from the ‘esoteric soup’ collection by Michele Black

87. Seahorse ring

These beautiful creative rings are a great craft job. Rubies, emeralds and diamonds form the tiny body of seahorses, which makes them very showy, colorful and elegant.

88. Scorpion ring

89. Anillo de cappucino

A ring-shaped cappuccino coffee. Pearls give it a touch of elegance that makes it more spectacular.

90. Bird Cage Ring