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17 amazing hotel rooms not to forget

abril 22, 2020

Panic Room, Au Vieux Panier (Marseille, France)

It was the graffiti artist Tilt who designed this amazing room at the request of the French hotel. In this way, he managed to turn the room into a canvas in which to combine paintings, dividing it into two different parts, one of different colors and shapes and the other, completely white to highlight the chaos of the first.

In the author’s own words: he wanted to «show that people can appreciate any style of graffiti, even the most basic, and that it is only a question of points of view.»

The Incredible Mine Room, Hotel Sala Silvermine (Sweden)

This room at the Sala hotel is housed in an old mine and has been recently refurbished for tourism in the area.

The mine was active in the city of Västmanland from the 14th century until 1908. Now it is a beautiful hotel where concerts and events of all kinds are organized. In one of the rooms (in the image) you can even stay overnight.

In March 2008, the mine was visited by Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, who left her signature at the mine as her father, Charles XVI Gustavo of Sweden, had previously done.

Suit Nautilus, Poseidon Underwater Resort (Mysterious Islands of Poseidon, Fiji)

The Poseidon Resort offers you the possibility to spend your vacation literally under the sea. Thanks to its special duly conditioned facilities, you will enjoy the best views of the sea, from a unique and unrepeatable perspective.

The hotel complex has 25 luxury suites under the sea, but it also has the possibility of staying on land since it has a bungalow on the island itself.

For the most fearful, tell you that there is a security system that allows the different modules that make up the underwater hotel to be raised to the surface. Therefore, if there is a problem in one of the modules, this would not affect the rest, since they are designed to be able to isolate them from each other.

Rock Bottom – Madonna Inn (San Luis Obispo, California)

As a destination of international reference, Madonna Inn is a hotel with 110 rooms decorated in a different and individual way.

Room 143 or Room Bottom simulates an underground prehistoric cavern where you can stay away from the hot California days.

A special technique to simulate the erosion of the room was the one used to create the bathroom and the sculpted shower, giving the room an old and nostalgic air, combining it with elements of rock. It is also equipped with a king size bed.

Gilded Lounge Suite, Champs Elysées (Paris, France)

For fashion lovers, nothing better than this modern and delicate hotel where the house recreates a fun and surreal room.

This grand mansion is located in the Golden Triangle of Paris, transforming into a sumptuous 5-star boutique hotel under the artistic direction of fashion designer Martin Margiela. This hotel combines elegant contemporary lines with discreet luxury and theatrical elements with a subtle and relaxed setting.

Facilities on the hotel’s third and fourth floors were made available to build the 17 incredible Couture Rooms and Suites, a task assigned to the Maison Martin Margiela.

Vous, Madonna Inn (San Luis Obispo, California)

Here we have another room at the Madona Inn called Room 169 or Vous. It is adorned with a light blue vaulted ceiling to match the decoration of the room and embellished with a large chandelier in floral tones.

It is the only room that has a round King bed. Also features blue and yellow tiled bathroom with a French style pedestal sink. That is why it had to be on our list of amazing rooms.

Crystal igloo, Villa Igloo Kakslauttanen (Lapland, Finland)

Located in the wilderness of Lapland, this beautiful hotel is inspired by nature and the Lappish spirit.

Although the cabins and igloos are in the middle of nature, you can easily walk to the restaurants and various services that the complex has.

Each room is equipped with a sauna and fireplace.

Specifically, the glass igloos offer unique views of the sky with the possibility of seeing, when appropriate, the northern lights. They are perfectly equipped with a separate toilet and double beds.

The Kiboko Star Bed, Loisaba Wilderness (Laikipa, Kenya)

Imagine being able to sleep with nature in the wildest state possible. See all its flora and fauna while you wake up in the morning. Incredible rooms in the middle of nature allow you this unique experience.

These moments that you will never forget are offered by the Loisaba Wilderness hotel. An extraordinarily beautiful place, with abundant wildlife and accommodation in detail and truly comfortable. Whether sleeping under the African night sky or taking a walk through Africa on a safari, visiting this villa will be very special.

Ice Suite, Ice Hotel (Quebec, Canada)

Made entirely of snow and ice, the soffits are over 5 meters high and the walls are fully covered with works of art. Furniture and lamps are expertly sculpted, as are snow and ice. The Hôtel de Glace Québec comprises numerous incredible rooms and themed suites, two exhibition halls, a majestic lobby, a cinema, a magnificent chapel, a grand reception hall, real log cabins, a hot tub and the renowned Absolut ice bar.

With a total area of nearly 3,000 m2 (27,000 ft2), the “Hôtel de Glace” is one of the most ambitious projects ever undertaken in North America. In total, 11,000 tons of snow and 350 tons of ice are needed for its construction that takes 5 weeks. After that time, it disappears.

Panorama Suite, The Alpina Gstaad (Gstaad, Switzerland)

The only one of its kind in the world, the Panorama Suite is a luxurious 400 m² duplex with three rooms on two floors, and offers magnificent views to the north and south. The rooms coexist with each other and are centered in a huge main living room adorned with a large fireplace.

In the style of an elegant residence in the Alps, the living room opens onto a large private terrace. On the other hand, we have a completely hidden kitchen where we can prepare our own meals without leaving the suite.

Amazing rooms at Nostalia, Hotel V8 (Stuttgart, Germany)

In the middle of the Stuttgart region, surrounded by the historic charm of the old airport area, stands the luxurious V8 hotel.

Completely restored in a modern style with classic touches, the passion that the area feels for cars complements with its decoration.

Cars are everywhere in this hotel: classic, modern, legendary, sports, exclusive or special cars make motor lovers find their place under these walls.

Temple of the Blue Moon – TreeHouse Point (Fall City, Washington)

Pete Nelson found parcels near his Fall City home and set out to fulfill his dream: build a complex of tree houses and market them as hotel rooms.

He and his wife were clear on this, they wanted people to connect with nature as they were capable of.

Now, people have several houses to choose from: El Nido, El upper pond, Bonbibi, and The Burl, all with incredible rooms for enjoying nature in all its splendor.

Presidential Suite, Hotel Cala di Volpe (Sardinia, Italy)

Filled with artistic porticoes, floors, arches, and juniper wood staircases, the Cala di Volpe was designed in the style of a traditional fishing village and remains the most glamorous getaway in the Mediterranean.

The combination of attractive pastel shades, original works of art and Sardinian artisan decoration make the 100 rooms with sea views and the 21 suites of the Hotel Cala di Volpe the image of rural sophistication.

Ty Warner Suite Penthouse, Hotel 4 sensations (New York)

Inside New York’s tallest five-star luxury hotel, we come across numerous incredible spacious rooms along Park Avenue in Manhathan.

Many have incredible views of Central Park, while others offer panoramic views of New York City. Some of the rooms offer both.

If you choose to stay inside its doors, you will be able to enjoy an exclusive decoration with handmade furniture and a complete marble bathroom.

James Bond Suite – Hotel Seven (Paris, France)

Located in the heart of the Latin Quarter in Paris, this original boutique hotel has 7 fully equipped suites with every detail.

Whether it’s the Sublime Suite or the Lovez-vous Suite, each offers a unique and elegant setting. Immerse yourself in a world of charm and design where attention to detail and perfection are the key words.

Sol 2, Hidden Beach (Riviera Nayarit, México)

This exquisite beach is hidden, as its name suggests, like a treasure in the Marietas Islands; in a small and very steep uninhabited archipelago, located a short distance from the hotel.

There are no hotels around these islands, but the Playa Escondida hotel with its incredible rooms is located very close making it a perfect place to visit the Marietas.

These Islands are a sanctuary for thousands of birds, including a thriving colony of blue-footed boobies; surrounded by a marine sanctuary, with waters full of fish, rays, and all kinds of marine life. To get to this beach it is necessary to swim through a tunnel. Playa Escondida is one of the most amazing destinations in the Bay of Banderas.

Junior Penthouse, Maritime Hotel (New York)

This penthouse is located at the Maritime Hotel overlooking the Hudson River and Highline and includes two junior suites. The floors are wooden and equipped with King beds, spacious bathrooms with remote control. They also have a sofa and a flat-screen HD LCD television.